Born again

The other leg of the crisis
Aloysius's reading

Both Kitty and Tricia found themselves in very sticky respective situations, but luckily Aloysius was able to improvise a solution that got them more-or-less back to normal.  Among other things, Aloysius proved that having the rudiments of a classical education can come in handy, and not just for the purposes of adding a little seasoning to one’s kinky blog.

The scene is an homage to pregnancy and lactation fetishes, which aren’t really my thing all that directly, but throw in a little spin involving strange machines and syringes and the Apsinthion Protocol, and you have a fun bit of thaumatophilia going on, from my perspective.

I knew of the existence of the fetishes before writing the scene, but I had little idea before doing a little reading up on the subject just how damn much there was on the Internet about it.  And I must confess, that some of it is undeniably appealing.

Hat tip on this one to Due Joy, which struck me as one of the nicer blogs on the subject.