Jekyll and Hyde a bit better (…or Misty Mundae on Monday)

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More Weird Science liquid girl (in reverse)

Though I wasn’t terribly impressed with David Friedman‘s attempt to make a dirty movie out of the Jekyll and Hyde story, there is a more recent example from Seduction Cinema that does a somewhat better job.

Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde (2003) is the story of one Dr. Jackie Stevenson (cute naming, guys), played by Julian Wells, who holds the not-too-original theory that we’re all divided internally between the “pure” and the “lustful” selves.  She’s hard at work on a drug that will let the lustful self out.  She tests the drug on her patient Martine Flagstone (Erin Brown, playing under the name Misty Mundae).  In typical mad-science fashion, anything remotely resembling safety protocols are ignored.  The dosage is too large, and poor Martine does a world-class sexual flip-out, ravishes Dr. Stevenson right on her desk, and then ends up in an asylum, thus playing to one of Dr. Faustus’s own fears.

Oh well, back to the laboratory for Dr. Stevenson.   At least she has a better lab than Dr. Chris Leeder.  (And yes, I realize that it is a little eccentric of me to be impatiently forwarding though “normal” sex scenes hoping to see something kinky going on amidst lab apparatus.  I guess one reason I write this blog is my hope of proving that I’m not the only person who does this.)  She also has an appealing meganekko thing going on.

Dr. Stevenson resolves to be her own guinea pig this time.  The result is a slightly-less histrionic freak-out than we’ve seen so far.

Which ends gratifyingly for her, as she is transformed into sexy lesbian aggressor Heidi Hyde, and gratifyingly for the hetero male-gaze viewer because she manages to lose her clothes in the process.

Much girl-on-girl action follows, but there is trouble lurking for Stevenson/Hyde in the end, of course…