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Script for today:

Page 4

Close up view of Taylor and Marie’s hands, which are clasped together (a continuation of the action from the previous panel, they are still walking along but are now holding hands).

CAPTION: Her name was Marie.

Taylor and Marie sitting side-by-side in an auditorium.  They are watching a movie, their faces illuminated with a ghostly glow from the screen.  Marie’s head is on Taylor’s shoulder.

Taylor and Marie in the Gadget, sitting across from each other over coffee, gazing into each other’s eyes.

Same panel as before, except that they are leaning across the table at one another, kissing.  One of their coffee mugs has been knocked over and spilled.

Taylor and Marie are together on a bed.  Both are kneeling, with Taylor behind Marie.  Both are still wearing underpants, and Marie’s bra has come unhooked and fallen around her waist.  Taylor is reaching around, feeling Marie’s breasts.  He is leaning forward to kiss her, while Marie has turned her head around to meet his kiss, her mouth open in anticipation.

CAPTION: There was a moment where I feel like the luckiest guy ever born.

Taylor and Marie under the sheets, copulating in the missionary position.  We see them in profile, heads and shoulders visible above the sheets.  Taylor’s face wears an appropriate expression of climax, while Marie is smiling blissfully.

CAPTION: You’d have to be a pretty unlucky guy not to have at least one moment like that in your life.

Page 5

An elegant, high-rise cityscape.

CAPTION: Marie wasn’t like me at all.  She was a big-city girl, with a trust fund…and indifferent parents.

Border of the panel should be somewhat puffy (indicating that it is Taylor dreaming or fantasizing).  Taylor’s head, eyes closed, should appear in the lower-right part of the panel.  Inside the panel, a riot of images indicating Marie in a variety of interesting sexual adventures.  This can be largely artist’s choice, but should include at least one multi-partner scene, one with bondage, and one lesbian encounter.

CAPTION: A lot of guys might have been made jealous at hearing about all the stuff Marie had tried.

CAPTION: Not me, though.  I found it amazing to hear about all the things she said she’d been through.  It was a real turn-on.

Marie in a swanky gown, sitting at a tiny table in what looks like a stylish nightclub.  Her hair has been made up, and she is looking out of the panel at the viewer with an appraising expression on her face.

CAPTION: She might have been only a freshman like me, but she already had…some adventures in her life.

Taylor and Marie, seen from the head up, lying in bed (their heads on on a pillow).  Taylor is looking up with an amazed expression on his face.  Marie is lying with her face in profile, her lips near Taylor’s ear, whispering something in it.

CAPTION: And Marie liked to share

Page 6

Taylor tied naked to a bed (the P.O.V. involves looking down at him, as if we were a fly watching from the ceiling).  We see Marie from behind.  She is naked except for a pair of high, black-leather …books and is holding a riding crop.

CAPTION: I suppose she could have been making some of it up, but she sure had lots of interesting ideas.

A view of a wrought-iron gate, with MOTHER SUPERIOR EUPHEMIA (from the script Progress in Research) behind it, frowning.

CAPTION: Sometimes I thought Marie was lucky not to have been sent next door to Mary Magdalene College.

Portion of a campus map, showing Gnosis and Magdalene right next door to one another.

CAPTION: Where (rumor has it) a lot of problematical girls get sent by their rich families.  It’s right next door to Gnosis…

CAPTION: …but just try getting in there without permission!

A frat-house party.  Marie is standing on a table, somewhat scantily dressed, dancing.  A bunch of disheveled, intoxicated-looking frat guys are watching her.

CAPTION: Not that any walls would ever have been likely to hold Marie.  She was a real free spirit.

This panel reproduces the scene in Gnosis Dreamscapes, with Marie having sex with JOHN SAMSON in front of her three amazed friends.

CAPTION: I know sometimes she did stuff with other guys.  She even told me about it.

Taylor sitting on the side of a bed, holding Marie crosswise on his lap.  She is kissing him,

CAPTION: But really, I could cope with the hijinks and the open relationship stuff.  I felt blessed for every minute we had together.

You all don’t think I’d forgotten about Mother Superior Euphemia and here intriguing academy, did you?

Obviously it was on Taylor’s mind as well.

Image from this forum.  Meanwhile I have an excuse to post also another image I find arresting:

In the context in which I found it, it runs under the headline “100 Easy and Awesome Exercises You Can Do in Your Dorm.”

Awesome, yes.  Easy?  Well, maybe if you’re young…