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The Internet is so large, and so diverse, that you cannot help but encounter images that match up with your own visual inspirations, even when those inspirations were arrived at independently.  Consider this…

…which I found here.  It’s not just erotic mad science.  It shares a visual theme with a specific scenario which I wrote down from Invisible Girl, Heroine.


Strangeways and Colleen enter the adjacent room.

A circular area on the floor in the middle of the room is shiny and gold. A trapeze-like bar hangs from the high ceiling in the middle of the circular area. On the edge of the area is a podium


It is so warm in here, doctor.


It should help you feel less shivery and relax, yes. Now could you please disrobe completely and step into the middle of the gold circle on the floor?




It is alright. I am a doctor, after all.

(gesturing toward a basket next to the wall)

You can leave your clothes right there.

Strangeways returns to making notes on his clipboard.

Colleen hesitates, then undresses, placing her clothes in the basket, then steps into the middle of the gold circle.

Strangeways looks up, smiles, and puts his clipboard aside.


Excellent. Now, do you think that you could reach up and grasp the bar above your head.

Colleen does so.


Good. Now just take a deep breath and let it out slowly…

Strangeways flips a few switches on his podium.

There is a HUM. The gold circle begins to rotate slowly.

A gold latex-like substance begins to cover Colleen’s hands and feet, then work its way up her legs and down her arms.

An alarmed expression appears on Colleen’s face.


My hands and feet…they’re stuck!

Well, there’s at least some resemblance.

2 thoughts on “Mad science circle

  1. Interesting point: you have shown many girls in test tubes, or strapped to examination tables or about to be lowered into crypto-magnetic fields. Are there many examples of males caught in the same predicament, whether by male or female experimenters? Of course, we don’t see many men eing carried off by giant apes either

    • To the best of my ability to determine, tube guys are somewhat rare, and I certainly have looked. I did post one sort-of example a while back and I’ve recently found two more (look for them this coming weekend, likely).

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