Flesh for Frankenstein III — dénouement

Flesh for Frankenstein II -- The eros of mad science
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Of course, since Paul Morrissey is writing the script, Flesh for Frankenstein does not turn out well for Frankenstein or anyone else.  Indeed, it ends in a final tableau that would seem excessive in a an Elizabethan revenge tragedy, with only one adult character left, and in a pretty delicate position (bondage enthusiasts take note):

That’s Nicholas the stableboy (played by Joe Dallesandro, who sounds like he got to Frankenstein’s castle by way of Arthur Avenue).  And he’s being contemplated by the two children of the Baron Frankenstein’s incestuous union, still alive after all the drama and two of the creepiest kids you’ll ever see on screen.

Note that one of them is already holding a scalpel.

Pity there’s no sequel.