Guy in a sex machine

Highspeed photo liquid girl

We don’t see a whole lot of guys in sex machines, sadly, but diligent searching will turn up a few.  Consider this strapping fellow in the “orgasmatron pleasurizer milker,” which is very mad science, right down to the figure in the background.

Found in the Franco picture gallery.

You can see another example of a guy in a sex machine at this post at Samantha de Savory’s blog, part of a sci-fi version of…how shall I put this…part of the Tiresias legend.

One thought on “Guy in a sex machine

  1. In the 1975 film A Boy and his Dog the virile post-apocolyptic hero ends up in the underground shelter of Topeka Kansas, where all the men are sterile. He is told he will be the father of the next generation, and ends up strapped to a bed with a device something like what you show here. The women of Topeka are brought before him in wedding gowns, a minister performs a short nuptual ceremony, and the pump extracts a bit of sperm for the comsummation later. Based on a Harlen Ellison story, of course.

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