Two enter, one leaves

Tube mermaids!
Attention-worthy erotic artist

I commend to the attention of readers of Erotic Mad Science the 100th post of mad science enthusiast and enterprising DIY comics creator John Villalino over at Pretty Vacant Thoughts. He’s titled it Cryodome and uses it to explore a trope he calls “Two Babes Enter, One Babe Leaves.” You should read it yourself to see what he means, but I can promise you that it’s very mad science and quite richly illustrated, spanning both his own webcomic and several classics of mad science cinema, from the cheesy spy thriller Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1966) to the very scary National-Socialism-Never-Really-Left horror film Anatomie (2000).

Oh, and of course Invasion of the Bee Girls.

Anna Aries seems to enjoy her transformation.

There’s something I never tire of hearing discussed