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The “hyperspatial cinctures” the Buck and Dolly have been playing with for the last several pages are devices that allow you to, among other things, temporarily be or create an amputee. They are thus quite the bondage toys, and their pop-cultural inspiration was a critical flop of a movie with a very interesting idea at its core, In Boxing Helena (1993), a surgeon played by Julian Sands abducts the object of his romantic obsessions played by Sherilyn Fenn. He amputates her legs and, eventually, her arms as well. Eventually she falls in love with him.

Source: Nerd Blerp, “10 Miserable Movies to Get You Through Valentine’s Day”.) Well, that’s all provocative enough that I have to ask “what’s the porn of this?” And at that point, I can bring in my old friend Bacchus and have him do one of his custom Rule 34 searches. As this one only gets more disturbing from here, I shall be running the remainder of it below the fold.

As before Bacchus’s text, which I have lightly edited to make it more post-like, is in red.

You asked for a full treatment on the topic of porn based on or inspired by the 1993 movie Boxing Helena. Although I have not seen the movie, its wikipedia entry got me up to speed on its themes and this porn-tube excerpt showed me the bits with nudity:


In looking for related porn, I focused specifically on the amputation-as-a-method-of-sexual-captivity theme. The fertile field of “women kept in boxes” porn gets no specific shrift in this report as (despite the title and movie poster) my understanding is that the Helena character is never actually put or kept in a box during the movie.

Non-Porn “Boxing Helena” References/Parodies/Homages

The musical group “The Misfits” recorded a song based on Boxing Helena, called “Helena”, with lines like “If you’re bound and you’re gagged, draped and displayed would you still love me anyway?” Lyrics here. The song is available as part of this well-seeded torrent; it’s track #17 on their “Famous Monsters” album.

The final episode of the MTV show Daria is called “Boxing Daria” in a reference to Boxing Helena. However, Wikipedia says it bears no other resemblance to the movie.

Actual “Boxing Helena” Porn

Here are a bunch of potentially-erotic images found at DeviantArt and inspired by Boxing Helena:


This author-described “warped little tribute to Boxing Helena” is Lord Of The Rings fanfic that ends with one of the characters quadruply-amputated and being kept for unspecified companionship purposes; there’s no sex, but it’s implied for the future.

Amputation And Sexual Captivity Porn

Going further afield in the direction of women made helpless (or kept captive) for sexual purposes by amputation, there is an extremely rich tradition of this in anime and manga. There’s too much to detail, so here are some links to various collections and searches that will get you started:


[Faustus notes: one of the nicer examples of the above:]


[Faustus: one of the nicer examples from the link above:]


[Faustus: one of the nicer examples from the link above:]

And here are some specific image links, just as a sample of the vast genre out there:

http://gurochan.net/f/src/134426678094.jpg http://gurochan.net/f/src/134508088425.jpg

Here is a photo board of (much is photoshopped, I think) amputee porn. Some of it is perhaps inspired by the same sex/capture/helplessness memes as in Boxing Helena:


Moving beyond anime into the realm of erotic prose, there are lots of examples of these memes in play out there. Here are several examples:

A woman whose husband amputates all her limbs, and then keeps and uses her as a helpless “fuck toy.”

A prisoner whose arms are removed (and other modifications made) so she can be kept as the sex slave of a cruel man.

Woman is encased in latex and told (in graphic detail) how her limbs will be dissolved and altered by nanites as she is converted into a helpless mermaid sex slave.

The illustrated novel “Stepford Bound” contains a considerable amount of body modification (including multiple amputations) for bondage sex purposes.

For example, this image:

Finally, there are a few porn examples where plaster casts or bondage tape or rope is used to bind a woman’s limbs leaving her with simulated stumps (or sometimes this is called “puppy play” and it’s to simulate her being a four-legged animal):

http://content.thetrainingofo.com/imagedb/4679/i/h/830/4.jpg (source)

Related Links Of Interest

This is a fantasy story about a couple who have the woman’s arms surgically removed (consensually on her part!) so that she’ll be somewhat helpless, as a form of permanent bondage.

This 2009 blog post by Boxing Helena star Sherilyn Fenn reads like (and may be intended, it’s unclear) a “Mary Sue” soft-core erotic fanfic about the time she supposed danced with and subsequently went out with Prince.

A ridiculously detailed fan page about Sherilyn Fenn.