Tales of Gnosis College fan art!

Commencement: Chapter Two, Page Fifteen
Commencement: Chapter Two, Page Sixteen

CG artist Redpill333 was inspired by the misadventures of poor Marie Martin to come up with an independent version of the capture bubble sequence we’ve just seen in the Tales of Gnosis College: Scientific Progress goes *SCHLORP*. I represent it here with his permission.


Redpill333 has some some very flattering side commentary on the Tales. All I can say as a writer is that seeing fan art based on something I’ve written makes me a special kind of happy. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Redpill333’s work at his DeviantArt site, especially the “Sinister Plot” art series, which feels like something of a point of thematic contact with some of the sinister goings-on in the Gnosis College fictional world…