8 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Dolcetta, Page Fourteen

  1. I read a report that stated the meat tastes better when it’s killed before cooking, rather than during cooking. Something to do with stress, I think.

  2. 0_0
    She doesn’t even kill her victim before putting her in the oven.
    This is horrifying.

    • But at least she uses pink Himalayan salt, instead of those plebian salts.

      • On a purely technical note, then, I can’t say I think too highly of a cook apparently too uninformed to gut and clean her carcass.
        Those rich customers will need to be really jaded to enjoy the smell of the contents of Gigi’s intestines when they carve her open.
        Also, putting the apple in her mouth before putting her in the oven is just culinary laziness. The apple needs to be crisp and juicy to achieve the proper visual effect. An overbaked apple just doesn’t have the right quality.

        • You assume, possibly over-optimistically, that Dolcetta actually knows anything about cooking, as opposed to showing off costly kitchen appliances, exotic ingredients, and so forth.

          • To be honest, she strikes me as all display and little substance.
            It’d be a shame if she got to murder Gigi, only for the poor girl’s body to be thrown away, and the body of another victim to be presented, which had been prepared by a competent chef.
            “And now, because you the viewers don’t have the time to wait the full period of time needed to roast a human body, here’s a dish we already prepared.”
            Talk about a waste of a life…

        • Maybe there was a “deleted scene” where Gigi gets a two hour enema.

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