A Modern Medusa At Rest

Tensile Strength: Exceeded
Amputee pods
Asian nude resting with one or more snakes wrapped around her neck

The original tumblr post where this image of a sleeping Asian nude with a large snake around her neck and entwined in her hair (and between her legs) was found (see below) credited it to an unspecified post at the Farasevich LiveJournal. That 2012 post is here, offering no additional provenance information but displaying a larger version of the image:

larger japanese medusa photoa

Translation of the Japanese (?) script to the right of the figure in the photo might at first glance seem as if it would prove useful for provenance, but is beyond my ability. However, and upon further research, it appears likely that the contents of that calligraphy will prove spurious in any event. This image is not in fact a vintage photograph; it has been artfully aged and distressed to appear so. It is one of numerous modern color porn photos in a series featuring the lady in question and a friendly/complacent snake:

snake rest

Two more photos from the series should serve to establish the general tenor of the enterprise:

snake lounge snake belly

Lots more photos from this engaging porn series are visible here, and in many other places around the web. However, no watermarks or other identifying material were found by which an original photographer or originating porn studio could be readily identified. This photo series appears to have been republished without attribution on a great many different occasions by numerous diverse parties, making attribution difficult.

This post is a reblog with added provenance from a 01 December 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. Its original source was this post at the Coitus & Carnage tumblr. No Internet Archive backup link for that tumblr post exists and, post-2017, none can be made, because Tumblr censorship in the form of an exclusionary robots.txt file prevents its inclusion in the Archive.

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