3 thoughts on “Work for a mad scientist and this can happen to you…

  1. Alazar is a somewhat-famous bondage artist from the 1980s (?) who published a number of printed bondage art portfolios in the pre-internet and early-internet era. There’s a very old-fashioned paysite for his art at this link that claims to be authorized, although one might be pardoned for doubting whether that’s actually true, absent firmer evidence than is on offer: https://www.alazarsart.com/

    • My understanding is that the site is indeed his although he really prefers to maintain his anonymity. I made contact with him a few years ago and got permission to color black and whites of his from time to time. So there are a few of his works that I’ve colored in my deviantart gallery. They are for the most part very much in the classic bondage art style of Willie or Stanton as seen here. And as Rope Guy says Alazar had a couple of books of his artwork put out by SQP back in the early 2000s I believe.

      • Good to know that’s really his site. For a long time there was a huge problem with the more anonymous artists having their art scanned and monetized on those cookie-cutter looking paysites run by hard-to-contact people in Eastern Europe, always claiming of course to be authorized; and it was difficult to know which ones to believe. As a blogger who operates on the link-with-best-credit philosophy, I want to send people to the link that’s got the best chance of making the artist a nickel, so I live in horror of falling for one of these scams and using a ripoff paysite for my link credit.

        One nice thing about the rise of Patreon is it’s often the case these days that an artist will have a Patreon, and I’ve yet to get an angry artist email about a link credit to their Patreon.

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