Jungle girl versus gorilla slaver

Red menace
Hot Lust Queen
An Earle Bergey cover for Thrilling Wonder Stories, Summer 1946.  A  jungle girl with a club looks on as a gorilla dirves a column of human male slaves.

Earle Bergey did this cover of Thrilling Wonder Stories for Summer 1946, albeit with a bit of gender-reversal in the classic trope. In the interior art, there is this bit of rather Erotic Mad Science done in illustration of Polton Cross’s short story “Twilight Planet.” I regret that I have been unable to discover the identity of the artist.

“‘Telsor!’ the girl called. But the young man was too preoccupied to notice her.”

And it looks like our irresponsible young scientist here has just irradiated the living daylights out of this poor girl. Nice work, Telsor.

This issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories is available to read and download from the Internet Archive.