Get off me, awful robot!

Valley of the clingy gowns
You'll be subjected to my (fill in the blank) ray!

Running a bit late this morning, I know…

Woman in a torn gown facing a hideous robot-insect-man, cover by Norman Saunders for Famous Fantastic Mysteries June 1950.

The June 1950 issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries featured a cover by the great Norman Saunders, while Lawrence Sterne Stevens continued to do interesting things on the interior pages illustrating S. Fowler Wright’s story “The Adventure of Wyndham Smith.” The following, with its caption, feels very mad science.

Science fiction brain surgery image by Lawrence Stern Stevens.
“The ego which would waken today in the body of Colpech-4XP was to be that of the primitive Wyndam Smith…”

While Stevens’s final illustration has a strangely decadent, almost Aubrey Beardsley-like feel.

Interior illustration by Lawrence Sterne Stevens for "The Adventure of Wyndam Smith."
“Velluta pulled off the outer cloak of Swartz-02A while Wyndam held her.”

This issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries can be read or downloaded from the Internet Archive.