Impariamo l’italiano LXXXIII: Esca 084

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Un appello per onorare il sacrificio.

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PAGE 84 (Three panels, long one across the top).

Panel 1: Long view showing the table set out with the portraits of the three women Eliza, Daphne, and Claudia, with other arrangements.

CAPTION – UU Minister speaking (1): Let us think of the women we commemorate today as our Praxithea, Theope, and Eubule.

Translation (1): Pensiamo alle donne che oggi commemoriamo come Praxithea, Theope e Eubule.

Panel 2: Close-up of a particular mourner, showing signs of grief. The details are at the artist’s discretion.

CAPTION – UU Minister speaking (2): Let us honor and not disdain their sacrifices.

Translation (2): Facciamo onore e non disdegniamo i loro sacrifici.

Panel 3: Close-up view on the UU Minister again. Her head is bent forward and her eyes are closed.

CAPTION – UU Minister speaking (3): For is that not what human decency really requires?

Translation (3): Non è forse questo ciò che richiede veramente la decenza umana?

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