Toozie’s Sacrifice 05

Toozie's Sacrifice 04
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Toozie is taken up by the tentacle mosnter and sexually teased.

The fifth in the illustration series Toozie’s Sacrifice The series was commissioned by me and done by the artist Dark Vasili. It is concept art for a screenplay on which I am working with the tentative title of Auto-Icon.

f you support this artist on patreon as I do, you can get access to the artist’s galleries of exquisitely-rendered (some of it very NSFW) work.

This image is available in high resolution: click on the image to load or right-click to download.

Please do not republish this image or create derivative works from it or the story of which it is part without my permission.

2 thoughts on “Toozie’s Sacrifice 05

  1. I guess the Eyes and Eye tentacles or the tentacles themselves are the former women previously “fed” to the monster who were absorbed and transformed into such?

    I have a theory that the monster is considered a huge threat and in order to keep it satisfied, young women have to be fed to it every month I guess? And for every woman it feeds on, they become absorbed and part of the monster hence as a eye tentacle or pair of eyes, the best part is that miss their former female bodies and they get to experience the best “tentacle erotica” experience before ingesting and absorbing them?

    Therefore the cycle must continue and I’m pretty sure the female scientists and observers are getting turned on therefore they’ll be willing volunteers in the future…

    It would sound nice as a K-Class style SCP and only way to prevent it is to feed it young women (as it prefers and enjoys much like it’s “favorite food”) to keep it happy and satisfied.

  2. Or maybe just a remake of the 1958 film “The Woman Eaters” I guess?

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