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The tentacles make a lunge for Rosalie, she being a woman and all.

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As soon as Rosalie’s voice is heard over the radio, four tentacles shoot forward — two eyes and two “mouth” tentacles. Rosalie is beyond their reach, so the stop short of her.

Rosalie flinches and GASPS. The tentacles “eyes” continue to watch her, the “mouths” hovering as near to her as they can get. These tentacles are not still, but waving and occasionally straining forth, as if conveying excitement.


(over radio)

It seems eager to meet new people, whatever it is.


(over radio)

I suppose you think this might call for more investment, Harry?

Harry partway turns, looking over his shoulder at George.


(over radio)

Speaking as a scientist, George, I would say that there is nothing on earth like…this. Who knows what sort of exotic biochemistry we might be dealing with here?

Harry turns back and gazes up at the Gynophage.


(over radio)

Speaking as a businessman, I’d say the potential for profitable discoveries might be…unlimited.

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  1. I’d say “First, let’s test how well it handles flaming napalm.”

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