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Good old Joe looks like he'd rather be almost anywhere else.

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This Thanatos virus sounds like really bad news. And a lot of the news media I am reading are suggesting that it is more a matter of when, rather than if it escapes…

Joe downs his second shot.


Well, yes, but…


Don’t play dumb, Joe. We need a miracle to get out from under this one. And as it happens, you work for a drug company that has a record of, and apparently a means for getting, miracles. And that’s where I step in.


I still don’t get it.

Toozie leans in even closer. Joe downs his third shot.


All right then. Let me spell it out for your explicitly…

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3 thoughts on “Auto-Icon Storyboard 150

  1. Does Toozie think she has the biological and epidemiological knowledge to beat the virus? Does she want to fulfill her fantasy and be the next Sacrifice?

    • I’ve been of the opinion, so far, that when the gynophage absorbs the sacrifice, it then derives solutions to their most pressing concerns.

      If that is the case, then Toozie will need to acquire a direct interest with the Thanatos virus in order for the gynophage to effect a cure.

      As she appears to have majored in sociology and/or anthropology, it’s unlikely she has the necessary specialist knowledge.

      Perhaps her plan was to get infected and hope the gynophage can find the solution. The downside ofthat plan being that that gynophage may be susceptible to the virus and succumb.

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