6 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on Campus: Act III, p. 9

  1. Very impressive that she managed to give that interview through an apple in her mouth.
    Perhaps she should consider a career in ventriliquism.

    • Maybe Detective Addingmachine has a cousin with a large tongue, like Joey did and was why he could understand Ross when his tongue swelled up in an episode of Friends.

  2. Right. Just leave her trussed like a turkey while you interrogate her. LOL

    “Okay, I guess that’s all, Miss. Cook her, Dano!”

    • They have to leave everything “in situ” until the crime lab boys and photographers can document all the evidence.

  3. You want to get the details while they’re fresh in the witness’ mind.

  4. Oh, wow. That’s a big relief.
    I mean, most people pre-heat the oven before putting in the roast, but still: you never know around here.

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