Black Mask bonus pulp: Dirge in Bolero Time

Another Norman Saunders cover painting, this time for January 1950 It might not have quite the Innsmouth vibe that some earlier and rougher pulp covers did, but still, a frogman abducting a dame in a slinky dress is about as pulp as it gets.

The painting in cover context:

And that about covers it for pulp for a while. But fear not, because starting tomorrow we’ll be turning to American pulp’s weird and sexy continental offspring. Stay tuned!

Pulp Parade #328: An earth-shattering ka-boom

This is Marvel Science Stories for February 1951, cover by Norman Saunders. The ISFDB entry for this issue is here. I found this version of the cover at Satin Doll 16

  • Fruiting Bodies: Chapter 7, Page 23
  • Muñeca de Satén 15
  • Satin Doll 15
  • Fruiting Bodies: Chapter 7, Page 22