The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Four, Page Nine

The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Four, Page Eight
The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Four, Page Ten
Kat staggers off the train, to the bemusement of fellow passengers.

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You know, there probably just aren’t enough stories about the erotic possibilities inherent in public transportation. I mean, there are some, but they seem to be highly sublimated and come from a more innocent time.

6 thoughts on “The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Four, Page Nine

  1. Is the dominatrix librarian giving the Vulcan salute?

    I think the tendency to walk funny after such intense acrobatics – and the prospect of doing an extremely public walk of shame – is probably one factor in stopping most people from using public transit as a venue.

    • I dunno. With some public transport, walking funny happens even without extracurricular activity.

      • Yeah. But it rarely displays you first in shibari bindings and subsequently in mis-buttoned clothes in front of a whole lot of strangers.

    • I totally missed the LLAP gesture! Thank you for pointing it out!
      (that’s Lon’s easter egg–it wasn’t in my script)

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