Ray-gun girl versus tentacular monster

This image is a reblog from this 21 June 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. It’s a crop from the January 1958 cover of Science Fiction Adventures.

According to the Internet Speculative Fiction Database the cover is the work of American illustrator John Schoenherr (1935-2010), who is famous for, among other things, providing the original cover illustration to Frank Herbert’s Dune.

This doesn’t look good for our heroine

This image is reblogged from a 23 January 2014 post at Infernal Wonders. Bacchus at Erosblog has provenance:

As is evident, this is the cover from Fantasy Illustrated #6. According to this blog post, Fantasy Illustrated was an early comics fanzine published by Bill Spicer in the 1960s. Issue #6 was published in 1966 and features cover art by D. Bruce Perry according to this site, which also lists more contents of the ‘zine.

Abducted by Aliens series

I originally blogged this series of five spacegirls in this 17 January 2014 post at Infernal Wonders. They are the work of American pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis (b. 1948), who has an official website here. They were introduced on the tumblr Android Ghost, which appears to be gone, but part of which survives in the Internet Archive.