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Since the February 2015 site redesign eliminates the old WordPress links sidebar, I am creating this dedicated page for links that might be of interest to readers of this site.

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Many artists have generously accepted and executed commissions for Erotic Mad Science over the years. Here are links to their sites.

  • Lon Ryden has done by far the most art this site, taking my scripts for the Tales of Gnosis College and turning them into comics. Lon has a business website and also an Ebay store where you can buy his actual physical-medium art. You can see the art he has done for the site (other than the comics, which are indexed separately) here.
  • AmourVorer is an artist who’s created something just like what his name sounds for this site. You can see that art here.
  • Hugo da Cunha Araújo is a Brazilian artist who created a pair of remarkable Metroplis-based paintings for Erotic Mad Science. You can see the art he has done for the site here.
  • Asian Dyna is a Philippine model who has appeared in a number of CG/photographic hybrids created by Niceman (see below). You can see the art to which she has contributed for the site here.
  • Bokuman is a Peruvian artist and very good at curves. You can see the art he has done for the site here.
  • José Augusto Cano is a Spanish artist with an extensive glamor and pinup portfolio. In addition to his DeviantArt site, he has a professional site here. You can see the art he has made for this site here.
  • Dark Vanessa is an Argentine artist who has created a created a great deal of art for this site. You can see the art she has contributed to the site here.
  • Dm Fo creates crisp, sharply-detailed cyberpunk art. You can see his contribution to this site here.
  • Felox8 is an Argentine artist who has created a tube girl image for this site. You can see the art he has contributed here.
  • Lucy Fidelis is a Brazilian artist who did the first comics pages ever to appear at this site. She has a DeviantArt site here. You can see the art she has contributed to the site here.
  • Hitori, together with his friends ZEO and Kurohoshi a a trio of Mexican artists who do anime-inspired work and who collaborated on an Iris Brockman image. You can see that art here.
  • KristinF is a UK-based CG artist and a fearless explorer of the girls and monsters theme in art. She has a DeviantArt site here. You can see the art she has contributed to the site here.
  • Andy LaRoy is a prolific creator of girls in bondage and peril, among other things. He also has a DeviantArt site here. You can see the art he has contributed to the site here.
  • Frans Mensink is a prolific Netherlands artist with a very polished style about the female form. He also has a DeviantArt site here. You can see the art he has contributed to the site here.
  • Nick Buxom is a Chibi-artist. You can see the art she has contributed to the site here.
  • Niceman is a CG artist who seems especially interested in sci-fi, fantasy, and RP-derived art. In addition to his DeviantArt site he has a Renderotica gallery here. You can see the work he has done for the site here.
  • Roe Mesquita is a Brazilian digital artist who did the first (and, as far as I can recall, only) Christmas art for this site. You can see that art here.
  • Russkere is a specialist in vore, bondage, and NFL cheerleaders in peril. He also has a DeviantArt site here. You can see the art he has done for the site here.
  • TheLadyJ works in a traditional painting medium. You can see the art she has done for the site here.

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Here are some sites I hope will be of interest.

  • ErosBlog has to be at the top of any list. It’s a positively venerable adult blog (started way back in 2002), and it was there that the proprietor Bacchus generously offered me my first guest-blogging role. I still read every post.
  • 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting. El Santo’s movie review site, self-described as “The Only Movie Review Website Aimed Expressly at the WRONG-Thinking!”
  • Airship Entertainment. The site for comics by Phil Foglio. (No Xxxenophile at this time,sadly!)
  • Alt Sex Stories Text Repository. Lots and lots of erotic stories.
  • And You Call Yourself a Scientist!. Movie reviews or, “a mad scientist’s view of other mad scientists.”
  • The Art of Faustie. The art site of a great girls-and-monsters illustrator. No relation to Faustus. That I know of.
  • Atrocidades. Not sure how to characterize all the glorious weirdness at this site. They had the good taste to interview me early in my blogging career.
  • The Blog of Rastakax. The art site of a particularly unashamed girls-and-monsters CG and animation specialist.
  • Boing Boing. Tech news with bite.
  • Bondage Blog. Images of restrained women from a real connoisseur of the same.
  • Chester 5000. A steampunky erotic comic by Jess Fink.
  • Circlet Press. A premier publisher of erotic sci-fi and fantasy.
  • Collar 6. A BDSM soap-opera webcomic.
  • Exotic Painting. The erotic in classical art.
  • Curvy. “A sexy sci-fi adventure for adults.” Webcomic.
  • Dumbing of Age. A campus webcomic written and drawn by David M. Willis. It’s a very different academic environment from that of the Tales, but I read it assiduously anyway.
  • Eerie Cuties. Monsters in high school, webcomic drawn by Gisèle Lagacé.
  • Frankensteina. All things Frankenstein, and thus a must for the mad scientist.
  • GammAtelier. A talented artist who creates illustrations of amputees, conjoined girls, monster girls, etc.
  • Girls with Slingshots. Long-running webcomic by Danielle Corsetto.
  • GoodShit. Intriguing images and more, also a very venerable blog.
  • The Groovy Age of Horror. Much classic horror imagery, often adult.
  • A History of Sex in Cinema. Pretty much what it sounds like.
  • io9. A world of sci-fi imagination.
  • Kinky Delight. Adult imagery in large format.
  • Les 400 culs. An usual sex blog (in French).
  • Love HK Film. A guide to one of the world’s wilder film cultures.
  • Medusariffic. The comics site of Drake, a truly tireless creator of CG ASFR comics.
  • Metrobzy Comix. Mind control, busy heroines in peril, and all sorts of mad science. Long a friend of this site.
  • Monsters and Angels/Galaxy of Terror. Girls and monsters CG art. Not for the squeamish.
  • Museum of Sex. Sounds like a great way to spend a rainy afternoon in New York.
  • Naga’s Den. Transformation fantasies and monster girls.
  • Naughty Art. Just what it says on the tin, as they say.
  • Oglaf. An adult webcomic strip set in a vaguely fantasy world, and consistently funny as hell.
  • Pulp Covers. A large collection from the fascinating world of pulp fiction illustration.
  • Schneier on Security. The blog of Bruce Schneier, a truly no-nonsense security expert whom everyone on the Internet should be reading.
  • Silverghost Mad Science Pulp Gallery. A gallery of old pulp art that could have been specialized for readers of this site.
  • Supervert. A very strange writing site. You can correctly infer a lot about it from noting that its first entry is Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish.
  • Susie Bright’s Journal. The personal site of sex educator and grande dame of erotic writing, Susie Bright.
  • The Tecnhnosexuality FAQ. A beginner’s introduction to ASFR, robots, etc.
  • Tiny Nibbles. The blog of Violet Blue, sex journalist extraordinaire.
  • Vinnie Tesla. The home site of the talented erotic mad science creator of The Erotofluidic Age, among other things.
  • Webomator. Site of Bradley W. Schenck, artist-chronicler of a dieselpunk future that never was, but should have been.
  • World Museum of Erotic Art. Lots of erotic imagery, to curators of which insist will do no harm to your health.
  • Yann Minh. Beautiful, eerie CG art.

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I am an avid podcast listener, and here is what I download regularly.

  • The Drabblecast. A weekly fiction podcast hosted by Norm Coleman. “Strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners.”
  • Faculty of Horror. About once a month, horror journalists and occasional academics Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West dissect a couple of horror movies with wit, verve, and erudition.
  • The Geologic Podcast. The weekly podcast of skeptic, musician, and all-around funny guy George Hrab.
  • The Nature Podcast. All the science news you can use in thirty minutes a week, from the eminent journal of the same name.
  • Philosophy Bites. David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton conduct short but informative interviews with eminent contemporary philosophers on topics of current interest.
  • Psuedopod. A weekly horror-fiction podcast, usually hosted by Alastair Stuart. As of late May 2015 I’ve listened to about 425 episodes and I can assure you that all of them…are true.
  • Rationally Speaking. The weekly podcast of the New York City Skeptics, hosted by Julia Galef. More philosophically heavy than most skeptical podcasts I listen to (and that, in my mind anyway, is a good thing).
  • Review the Future. A weekly podcast on speculative (but possibly soon-to-be real) technologies and their impact on culture, hosted by Ted Kupper and John Perry.
  • Star Ship Sofa. A weekly science-fiction podcast (with occasional non-fiction articles) hosted by the inimitable Tony C. Smith.
  • The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. A weekly science and skepticism podcast, now with more than 500 episodes.
  • Tales to Terrify. A weekly horror fiction podcast, formerly hosted by Lawrence Santoro (may he rest in peace) and currently hosted by Stephen Kilpatrick. Associated with Star Ship Sofa.
  • We Hate Movies. Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak, Eric Szyszka, and Chris Cabin gather round a microphone weekly and skewer some hapless cinematic effort for your listening enjoyment. Often howlingly funny. Except for their episode on A Shock to the System. I hated that one.

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It is a, perhaps the, core tragedy of my existence that “philosopher” is not something I can actually make a living at. But I do try to keep up, and here are a few relevant links for anyone who might be curious about what’s going through my head.

  • The Mackiean Way, A passage from the late logician Jordan Howard Sobel in Logic and Theism about how the concept of God faces an undermining error.
  • Felicifia. A forum for utilitarians.
  • Michel Onfray. Official site for the French hedonist philosopher Michel Onfray.
  • Nick Bostrom. A philospher who thinks a lot about transhumanism and catastrophic risk, among other things.
  • Richard Joyce. An important metaethical error theorist and explorer of the evolution of morality.
  • Strange Doctrines. The blog of Michael Drake, a philosophically inclined Federal appellate public defender.
  • The Hedonistic Imperative. A book by David Pearce, a philosopher promoting a global project to end sentient suffering once and for all.
  • The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Truth about Morality and What to Do about It. Joshua Greene’s philosophy dissertation, in which he attacks (quite successfully) the idea of an objective morality (PDF document).
  • The View from Hell. Sarah Perry’s blog, not very active now but for me one of the most inspiring things on the Internet.

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Some people just can’t stand the thought of others having a good time, and in consequence free expression is perpetually under attack. Fighting off these attacks is important, even for the stuff you might not like. Because if you won’t stand up for the stuff you don’t like, by the time they come for the stuff you do like, you will have already lost. Here are some good people who are standing up. If you can join with them or help them, please do so.

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My Other Blogs

Because one was not enough, apparently. There are some proper sites under my control and a few tumblrs.


  • Gnosis College Radio. A site for distributing audio episodes of the Tales of Gnosis College.
  • Hedonix. Adult imagery, but on the nicer, cheesecakier side, as well as pictures of classic technology and overflow mad science imagery, among other things.
  • Infernal Wonders. Adult imagery that is not so nice. Indeed, some of it might be downright disturbing. But I make no apologies for that. If you don’t like that stuff, then don’t visit.
  • Pyrosophy. A blog devoted primarily to philosophy, so not too much imagery. There I cultivate my pessimistic and nihilistic side, because that is how I am.


  • Classic Technology. Old technology that makes me happy to look at, and has since childhood. Trains, radios, vintage electronics, etc.
  • Disturbing Erotic Mad Science. “The Wonders of Hell.” Squicky adult imagery, which mostly gets reblogged at Infernal Wonders.
  • Erotic Mad Science. Mad science, sci-fi, and pulp images. Mostly get reblogged either here or at Hedonix, above.
  • Gorgeous Libraries. Face it, few things are as gorgeous as a beautiful library.
  • Hedonic Miscellany. Nicer adult imagery, images from classic movies, etc. Mostly get reblogged at Hedonix.
  • On the Sufferings of the World. Real-world images of bad things that happened to people who certainly didn’t deserve them.
  • Urban Vistas. Beautiful parts of cities.
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  1. I would really love to see my favorite artist darkvanessa again. José Augusto Cano is my second favorite.

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