Ardis Tate

Story Concept: Ardis Tate

Ardis Tate will be a Gnosis College coed who has a problem relating to and reading people. She’ll go to some mad scientist/mad doctor sort at Gnosis (or in Pleasant Prairie, at least) who will offer her help: a chip planted in her brain that will help read the emotional states of other people and feed these into her brain. The new chip will function splendidly, of course, except that unfortunately the gain will be set too high and she will start picking up on other guys horniness, which will cause her to get very reckless sexually. Don’t know whether she’ll self-destruct in the end or whether there will be a “happy” ending, but the premise should be interesting to work on.

We could call the story sequence “Feedback.”

At the end of this, I’m appending an experimental banner, because it is the scratchpad, after all.

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