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Dark Vanessa: The Bride Goes to Her Wedding

A beautiful naked bride on the sea.

Dark Vanessa: The Abduction of Phoebe Petrobux

Phoebe snatched as a sex snack!

Dark Vanessa: Ecstasy of the Deep

Eliza Fanshaw floats blissfully naked in the sea.

Dark Vanessa: Chiba Consumed

Chiba Moe makes a tasty meal indeed.

Suzarte: Nurse Seduction

American girls go overseas and meet the strangest things.

Suzarte: Nurse Abduction

This pretty nurse won't be going back home after the war.

Faustus Crow: Bait

You'd think it couldn't get weirder than the tentacle vore monster, but you don't know Faustus Crow

Faustus Crow: The Sacrifice of the Daughters of Leos

Three heroic sisters submit to the knife to save Athens

Lucy Fidelis: Sleeping Eliza

Voluptuous Eliza sleeps in.

Lucy Fidelis: Studying Daphne

Daphne studies in a very dark library.

Lucy Fidelis: Engineering Claudia

Claudia Honeywood hard at work on one of her little drones.

Lucy Fidelis: Chiba and Friend

Naked swimming Chiba makes her first tentacle friend.

Sketchwork: Deep Seas Lola

Poor Lola gets eated again.

All of these images were commissioned by Iago Faustus, but some might be presented here under license agreements with the artists. Please get in touch with Faustus before reproducing them elsewhere.

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Creator Biographies

Dark Vanessa is an Argentine artist noted for her manga-derived style, which she has used to create numerous comics and stand-alone illustrations. At the time of this publication, she has illustrated two comics written by Faustus as part of his Fabulae Atroces Fausti ( series: “In the Kitchen with Dolcetta”/”En la Cocina con Dolcetta” and “The Needs of the Many”/Las necessidades de los muchos.” Her art can be seen and she can be contacted through her DeviantArt site ( You can support her on Patreon at

Suzarte is a Brazilian illustrator who makes both comics and standalone illustrations, often at a very fine level of detail. He maintains a professional site at He can also be found on Tumblr ( and Instagram ( and followed on Twitter at @suzarte_1. You can also support him on Patreon at

Faustus Crow is a British artist who has been creating fantasy, adult, and occult illustration professionally for several decades. In addition to publishing several books of his work, he has a website ( and an additional site called Goetia Girls ( You can follow him on twitter at @ghostcrow1 ‏ and support him on Patreon at

Lucy Fidelis is a Brazilian artist especially noted for her lush representations of women. She has done considerable bespoke art for Faustus in addition to the four pieces included here. She maintains a professional site ( and can be followed on Twitter at @lucyfidelis. She is always open for commissions and can be reached at

Sketchwork is a creator of darkly comedic fetish art, often involving either hard or soft vore, in a cartoon style. Sketchwork can be reached via Eka’s Portal ( Sketchwork does frequent streams on Picarto TV ( and maintains pages at both Hentai Foundry ( and DeviantArt ( You can also support Sketchwork on Patreon (