Volume 02, Number 05

Volume 2, Number 5

Gnosis College philosophy student Iris Brockman elects to spend time studying in Tokyo, wanting to find something — anything! — highly unusual as food for philosophical reflection. Her desire will be fulfilled beyond the realm of fantasy when she is offered a must unusual job as a performer of sorts in the world’s most decadent and expensive mermaid bar. Iris’s steamy “performance” will culminate in a terrifying act through which she will take an ultimate risk for the sake of gratifying her curiosity about an ultimate question. Will Iris return for her senior year intact? Find out in this thrilling final chapter of Study Abroad.

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Iris Brockman depicted as the Bride of Frankenstein. What's that chef doing there?

Page One

Iris starts her story with a complain about how expensive things are in Tokyo.

Page Two

The restaurant is a naked mermaid bar!

Page Three

Iris is netted and pulled out of her tank.

Page Four

Iris is displayed naked in the restaurant by the headwaiter.

Page Five

Iris fondled as if she were food in the restaurant.

Page Six

The inspection of Iris as if she were meat continues.

Page Seven

Iris expresses her honor at becoming dinner, and bidding on her parts begins.

Page Eight

The results of auctioning off Iris come in.

Page Nine

Iris is hung upside down naked and...butchered by a Samurai.

Page Ten

Iris is made into dinner, which is fortunate, because people are hungry.

Page Eleven

The diners in the club are happy. Iris's brunch companions are appalled.

Page Twelve

Iris's co-brunchers are understandably skeptical.

Page Thirteen

Page Fourteen

Iris is recreated from data scanned earlier.

Page Fifteen

Like any newborn, re-created Iris is hungry.

Page Sixteen

How does Iris remember her last moments before "death?"

Page Seventeen

Iris discourses on mortality...the death of Socrates is depicted.

Page Eighteen

Iris discusses the curious issue of whether Iris is alive or dead.

Page Nineteen

Iris reveals the transmitter she has built into the base of her brain.

Page Twenty

Schopenhauer debates, while someone transmits...

Page Twenty-One

Strangeways has been listening in

Page Twenty-Two

Strangeways learns something significant.


Iris Brockman's second pin-up as a Woman of Gnosis College

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