Volume 06, Number 03

Volume 6, Number 3

Plots for comeuppance germinate and tangle around each other in the unlikely winter soil of Gnosis College. Iris Brockman, having been professorially abused by Aprhodite Mora, vows to Dean Ford to find her own way of dealing with the wayward professor. Dolly Gibson, having been shown up by Iris, advances her own plot against the latter, unaware that a key element of her scheme is already going awry. And Tanya Yip, exasperated by the noise generated by her neighbor Buck Yale, plots with the Omega House boys to arrange the theft of Buck’s “Dolly.”

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Dolly Gibson's detached head glares while Lucinda restacks.

Page One

Iris bitches to Dean Ford about her grade.

Page Two

Dean Ford tries to convince Iris that things aren't all that bad.

Page Three

Senior colleagues ogling your ass is a good way to succeed in academia.

Page Four

Buck delegates the job of watching Dolly's head to Lee.

Page Five

Buck Yale imagines fucking jungle adventuress Cleo Mount

Page Six

Lee tries a little homebrew moral reasoning with Buck.  Fail.

Page Seven

Iris has a video chat with her former employer, Mr. Takayama.

Page Eight

Iris asks Takayama about girls getting turned into statues.

Page Nine

Takayama delivers a brief lecture on the psychology of pleasure.

Page Ten

Iris Brockman naked and swimming in a tank at the Club Cuisine.

Page Eleven

Statue fetishist frustrated by the fact that his girl is still alive.

Page Twelve

Page Thirteen

Cleo Mount is beginning to stalk the campus at night.

Page Fourteen

Bridget O'Brian, naked and in chains.

Page Fifteen

Pedro is pleased by the video of Buck and his "Dolly."

Page Sixteen

Pedro plots to "borrow" Buck's "Dolly."

Page Seventeen

Pedro reveals that he and Tanya Yip have the same singing teacher.

Page Eighteen

Dolly's detached head does acting practice.

Page Nineteen

Dolly's headless body begins undressing.

Page Twenty

Buck put's Dolly's body in a drawer.

Page Twenty-One

It's stuff Dolly's detached head in a backpack, and off to the library!

Page Twenty-Two

Buck put's Dolly's head on Iris's carrel for Iris to find.

Page Twenty-Three

Lee goes on guard duty.

Page Twenty-Four

Lucinda's cleavage in the stacks!

Page Twenty-Five

Lee tails after tail, specifically Lucinda the Librarian.

Page Twenty-Six

Tanya Yip beckons to her Omega allies to come in.


Lucinda the Librarian poses naked but for stockings and a book covering her modesty.

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  1. Very much enjoyed this chapter and wait eagerly for the next chapters in this well done, interresting and unusual line art story. Leonard

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