Volume 10, Number 05

Volume 10, Number 5:

“The Nion Encephalon Enrichment”

Note: This story was guest-written by Shon Richards. Brilliant psychology student Austin Grove believes he may have found a gateway into intelligence enhancement in an erotic sigil drawn by nineteenth-century occultist and mathematician Stephen Nion. When Austin proposes a research project based on his discovery to his faculty adviser Professor Pamela Fowler, Fowler denounces Austin as a perverted crank and ejects him from her office. The dejected Austin goes home and descends into a drug-and-porn bender of heroic proportions. Waking from that, he finds himself beset at all turns by what he takes to be strange erotic hallucinations…or perhaps opened gateways of perception. Is poor Austin loosing his mind, or will his perceptions set him on a path to adventure?

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Visiting Faculty:  Chapter Five, Cover

Page One

Why am I looking at pornography, Mr. Grove?

Page Two

Austin Grove, all-round nerd.

Page Three

Math does enhance your intelligence.

Page Four

Science marches onward!

Page Five

Stephen needed to bring himself to a  state of climax.

Page Six

Fifty subjects.  All climaxing.  For science!

Page Seven

Science is the answer to sexual desparation.

Page Eight

Austin looks like his dog died.

Page Nine

Beer:  cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

Page Ten

Eros is an outlaw.

Page Eleven

Let's satisfy some deviant needs!

Page Twelve

The sigil fills the entire screen.

Page Thirteen

Invasion of the tiny naked people.

Page Fourteen

Look out for the beer bottle, Austin.

Page Fifteen

Austin Grove, a man who's nearly done himself in.

Page Sixteen

There must have been some hallucinogens in the blue pills.

Page Seventeen

Austin contemplates the possibility that he has really fucked up his brain.

Page Eighteen

She dreams of horse-fucking.

Page Nineteen

Let's face it, this is something everyone has thought about.

Page Twenty

Do concussions cause hallucinations?

page Twenty-One

Why are all my hallucinations about porn?  Good question...

Page Twenty-Two

Everyone thinks about sex at breakfast.

Page Twenty-Three

I just need to ride this out....get the drugs out of my system...

Page Twenty-Four

Why are so many of my hallucinations gay?

Page Twenty-Five

Oh, great, now Austin is hallucinating tentacle sex. Remember Howard the tentacle monster, anyone?

Page Twenty-Six

Full-on tentacle monster-on-Veronica Bryce sex.  Full color and suitable for pinning up (though probably not at your workplace.)

Page Twenty-Seven

And now it's *two* tentacle monsters on Vernoica.

Page Twenty-Eight

At last!  A little romance!

Page Twenty-Nine

It's like Austin has super-gaydar!  Or gayday plus straightdar, or something...

Page Thirty

Austin's touch makes the fantasy go *his* way.

Page Thirty-One

Whoa, indeed...

Page Thirty-Two

Oh, I'm sure we have a class together...

Page Thirty-Three

It's the first appearance of Clown Woman!

Page Thirty-Four

Yes, best test out your new-found abilities for the sake of science, Austin.

Page Thirty-Five

Well, that was quick, but who is watching?

Page Thirty-Six

Turns out our boy Austin really is the right kind of deviant after all.


That's a cute shirt, Veronica.

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