Your colleagues are questionable, madam

This image is Shrunken Specimen by American digital artist Carl Brutananadilewski (“demontroll”), who has a DeviantArt page here. He adds the following descriptive comment:

Mysteriously, the alien crystals reduced Dr. Foster to about one fifth of her previous height. The other scientists thought it would be best to keep her under isolation for further study.

You would think they might at least get her a towel, or something.

This image is blogged here by the kind permission of the artist.

Molly Whipple does some tube girls

Longtime readers here will remember my friend Molly Whipple, who did a run here with a guest tale of Gnosis College called Blonde Justice. I’m pleased to be able to report that she’s now doing a comic over at The Duck Webcomics with one of her iconic characters as the eponymous heroine: Chickfighter: The Adventures of a Postmodern Ingenue. Will there be tube girls? You betcha:

Tube girls from Molly Whipple's Chickfighter

Page image reproduced here by kind permission of the creator. Faustus recommends you show up and read the comic, and leave Molly some love in the comments.

Molly has a DeviantArt site and you can also follow her on twitter.

Bubbling Lola

She sure looks cheerful for a girl about to be bubbled away.

“Bubble Tube Lola” commissioned by Faustus and created by Sketchwork. Please do not republish or alter without permission of the creators.

A merry little bit of bespoke art for your Labor Day enjoyment. Our heroine for today is Lola, a character created by an artist who works under the name Sketchwork, creating among other things a fair amount of fetish and vore art. Lola has a cheery attitude toward life, an apparent distaste for clothes, and a tendency to give into erotic temptations that gets her into some very problematic circumstances: the poor girl just can’t help herself, it seems. Here Lola has been lured into a bubble tube, of the mad science sort pioneered by Zoltan Odbol in my polyglot story “Bubbles: A Tale of Soapy Mad Science.” She seems to be enjoying the experience, just like all the others…

If you like this sort of work you can support Sketchwork on Patreon as I do.

You can get in touch with Sketchwork at Eka’s Portal. The artist also maintains a stream at Picarto TV as well as pages at Hentai Foundry and DeviantArt.

Amputee pods

These abbreviated young women appear in an illustration reblogged from this 8 March 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. They come from the pen and the imagination of French artist Joël Jurion, a really extraordinary illustrator a sample of whose art you can find at this Masters of Anatomy page. You can follow him on twitter at @JoelJurion and support him at this Tipee page.

Cross-genre tube girl

This tube girl has been reblogged from a this 28 April post at Infernal Wonders. It is titled Terra Gone by American artist Femfan1. The “cross-genre” nature of the illustration, while suggested by the details of this unfortunate girl’s costume, is laid out by Femfan1’s art caption:

The energy beam struck the jungle girl from behind without warning and, in an instant, the unsuspecting heroine found herself flailing wildly in a viscuous [sic] liquid until her futile efforts at escape delivered nothing but transport to extraterrestrial oblivion.