Two more examples of Redpulp as master of tube girls

Redpulp has been at this for a long time. From 2012:

Helpless coeds abducted in tubes after an alien invasion subdues the earth!

This illustration is the work of Redpulp (a DeviantArt user ID). Please do not copy, reproduce, or alter it without its creator’s permission.

The illustration’s presentation page contain’s Redpulp’s narrative explanation:

The Aliens found a particularly fertile encampment of humans in what was called a “Uni-versity” before the bombardment. After subduing any resistance, the females are placed into sterile canisters for transport to the alien breeding centers…

And just recently, a return to theme:

Coed Monique is being turned into a tube full of Monique-flavorted seltzer!

This illustration is the work of Redpulp (a DeviantArt user ID). Please do not copy, reproduce, or alter it without its creator’s permission.

And the narrative:

Monique had only volunteered to be his Lab Assistant to bring up her abysmal grade. As it turns out – skipping 3 lectures and blowing the final WASN’T the way to pass an advanced science class, who knew?

Now she was paying the price, Summer had just started! Her friends were all partying on a beach in Miami while she was stuck here listening to her Professor drone on about whatever boring-ass science crap he was excited about. She took another sip of the bizarre Tea concoction he had given her, maybe the caffeine would keep her awake as he chattered on. Strangely though – it seemed to be having the opposite effect…

When she woke next, Monique found her circumstances much more INTERESTING…

Word to the wise: if a mad scientist offers you tea and you’re the sort who can ignore whether your space-costume makes sense or not, don’t accept it,, unless you really up for something, uh, “interesting.” Like intimate involvement the production of Monique-flavored seltzer, or whatever else is going on here.

You can and should visit Redpulp’s DeviantArt site. Long may he illustrate!

“Beware the Asylum” Fan Art — Karen in the tube

Pretty naked Karentries to protect her modesty while trapped in a tube.

This illustration is the work of Redpulp (a DeviantArt user ID). Please do not copy, reproduce, or alter it without its creator’s permission.

Back in 2014 prolific CG artist Redpulp* generously contributed two fine pieces of fan art based on the then-current Gnosis College story: “Scientific Progress goes *SCHLORP* and “Tubing Marie”. It is with great pleasure that today I can present a similar piece of fan art from “Beware the Asylum.” It’s Karen (I’m aware it’s a “silent” comic so you might not know that, but she’s given that name in the script) protecting what she can of her modesty while awaiting whatever fate mad science has for her. I have to say, Redpulp sure has a deft hand with tube girls!

I’ve made the image above available in full resolution for those who want it. Left-click to view, right-click to download.

You can see a lot more of Redpulp’s art at his DeviantArt site. Visit! Leave appreciative comments!

*At the time he did these pieces, Redpulp was working under a slightly different DeviantArt handle, and my 2014 presentation posts reflect that. The unpredictable Internet-driven drift of colloquial English subsequently conveyed on that handle some unfortunate implications which he understandably wanted to avoid. Could happen to any of us! So he updated his handle to its present form of “Redpulp,” which is entirely appropriate, given that he also takes a lot of inspiration from the great artistic tradition of pulp magazine covers.

Sybian Olympics 2044

Three women compete in the ultimate global test of erotic endurance!

2044 Sybian Olympics, commissioned by Dr. Faustus of and illustrated by Alexis Pirrate. Please do not copy, alter, or reproduce this image without consent of the creators.

It is 2044, the planet is warmer, the world is crueler, global political geography has been scrambled by secessions and conquests, and a number of interesting new events have been added to the Olympic Games, including this contest of erotic endurance involving an apparatus consisting of a Sybian, a Reichian orgone concentrator, and of course, a tube. Glory to the winner, and vae victis!

This illustration was done for me by Alexis Pirrate. He maintains a professional website, Studio Pirrate, and you can also support him on Patreon, as I do.

The illustration is available in full size (huge, about 14MB) which you can access with a left-click-and-view or a right-click-and-download.

As for the full story behind this strange event? Well, I guess I’ll get around to writing it someday…

Bespoke Art: The De-aging Tubes

This bit of bespoke art is a hint of things to come in a future Tale of Gnosis College that I’m going to get around to writing any day now, I promise. It was done for me by Rafael Suzarte, who has appeared on this site many times before. As is often the case with Erotic Mad Science bespoke art, I am making the whole image available for download (just right-click and save) in high resolution (about 3600 by 1800 pixels).

Rafael has a professional website and can be found on Instagram. If you like his work, I encourage you to support him on Patreon, as I do.

Test tube girl

I haven’t been able to garner too much in the way of provenance on this image, except that it appears to be part of a painting that once graced the cover of novel written by the prolific German horror author Jürgen Grasmück (1940-2007) who wrote under a variety of pen names. This cover was apparently part of a series he wrote called Macabros under the pen name (one of many he used) Dan Shocker. The image is reblogged from this 30 May 2016 post at Infernal Wonders.

बुलबुले (Bubbles in Hindi in a slider)

Creative Commons License
यह काम क्रिएटिव कॉमन्स एट्रिब्यूशन-नॉन- कमर्शियल- शेयरएलाइक 4.0 अंतर्राष्ट्रीय लाइसेंस के तहत लाइसेंस प्राप्त है।

इंटरनेट अभिलेख ( पर इस कॉमिक के संस्करण।

वेबसाइट पर बुलबुले।