Bubbles animation!

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We’ve been making art and comics here at Erotic Mad Science for almost nine years now, and while this ins’t quite the first actual animation (Erosarts did some animated .gifs early on, including this girlscanner animation, but this is the first one that resembles an actual movie clip with sound and everything. It’s the work of artist HayleyPetHarley, for whom you can find a site at Newgrounds and follow on Twitter. You can also do as I do and support the artist on Patreon. C’mon, people, where do you think art comes from?

The art is an imagined version of the “Bubbles experiment,” which is the subject of my most ambitious comics translation experiment and versions of which you have been seeing here at Erotic Mad Science.

You can download the original MP4 of the animation here.

I had a great deal of fun working with the artist on this particular project, and hope you like it as well. If you do, feel free to sound off in the comments. Animation isn’t cheap, but maybe could be persuaded to do more…

Bolhas (Bubbles in Portuguese in a slider)

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Bubbles in a slider

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Content which was originally posted at wrections.com but (1) I think it will be enjoyable for readers over here who might not find their way over to wrections.com, (2) I think sliders are a fun way of presenting comics and (3) the more places content goes, the harder it will be for the forces of the #pornocalypse to eradicate them from the culture.

In the spirit of (3), you can also read and download “Bubbles” from its page at the Internet Archive.

Seriously industrial-looking tubes

They were told, these three distaff members of Gnosis College’s pilot ROTC program, that they had been selected for a very special for of SERE training, and being put naked into the tube was only an initial exercise therein. Who could object to being selected for special training? It would be a real career builder! And besides, it had been approved by their trusted commanding officer. Only several hours later did they begin to suspect that the “Colonel” who had contacted them might not have been who he claimed to be and that their fates were not in the military careers they expected…

Well, not really. This illustration is actually Test Subject 54 984 – Muriel by CG artist SkatingJesus who, when he extended his kind permission to me to reblog this image, suggested also the possibility of a story to go along with it. I can’t resist a good tube girl or the story that goes along with her, so there it is.

The story that actually accompanies the illustration is as follows:

Our cyborgs found some interesting stuff, in the Dead Zone. It would have been a shame if every member of the Resistance had been sentenced to death, we need more human flesh to study and test. These three female Resistance members will perfectly suit to our future testing. We have to progress on creating a synthetic skin able to travel time…

In addition to SkatingJesus’s DeviantArt site, you can also visit his Renderotica store, where you can buy his comics, some of which look pretty darn cool, let me tell you.

Vortex coffin

This pre-Code comics image plays neatly with both the “coffin stuffer” and “tube girl” themes so loving explored in the pulp era less than a generation earlier. It is reblogged from this 28 September 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. The now-dead tumblr (“Malignantly Useless,” a fine Thomas Ligotti-derived name!) on which the image first appeared attributed the image to Issue #6 of Marvel’s Astonishing series (1951-1957), and a trip to this series’s entry in the Grand Comics Database does indeed turn up the cover.

Malignantly Useless attributes the cover to Norman Steinberg.