Volume 01, Number 03

Volume 1, Number 3

TheTales of Gnosis College continue, as Nanetta and Moira decide during one of Professor Corwin’s lecture that it is imperative to have a meeting about all the strange goings-on they’ve been taking part in during the previous two chapters.

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biff flees skinny-dippers in terror

Page One

Nanetta, Moira, and Ashley all contemplate Corwin meetings

Page Two

Page Three

Corwin concludes his lecture, Ashley tries to be sexy.

Page Four

Ashley continues to work on Corwin, to no avail.

Page Five

Ashley gets caught eavesdropping at Corwin's office

Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

An experiment gets underway in Corwin's lab

Page Nine

Moira recollects, Corwin pontificates

Page Ten

Nanettta gets naked in preparation for her experiment

Page Eleven

Nanetta's dissolution begins

Page Twelve

Nanetta dissolves away to become liquid girl

Page Thirteen

Nanetta and Anwei are being distilled into liquid girl

Page Fourteen

naked girls foreground a philosophical discussion

Page Fifteen

a mysterious substance is created

Page Sixteen

Ashley gets inspired by Irma Vep

Page Seventeen

Senator Madder makes his slimy appearance

Page Eighteen

Biff gets ready to tell a naughty story

Page Nineteen

Ashley gets nake and threatens to be where she oughtn't

Page Twenty

Ashley begins expounding the theology of exhibitionism

Page Twenty-One

naked Ashley delivers a locker room sermon

Page Twenty-Two

lots of Gnosis coeds are inspired by Ashley to strip

Page Twenty-Three

a parade of naked coeds heads out led by Ashley

Page Twenty-Four

artist Edmund reveals a plan involving Ashley and nakedness

Page Twenty-Five

Ashley lays out her fetish gear


naked Iris Brockman pinup

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4 thoughts on “Volume 01, Number 03

  1. This series is fascinating. A very tightly woven tale that has foreshadowing and echoing of a lot of different sources, from 19th Century Philosophy, Japanese Art, Lovecraft, and a smattering of Buffy and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I also noticed that characters appear in passing that have major roles in other parts of the series. I noticed that the Four Coeds Cleo, Jill, Bridget, and Iris who are all in Volume 2 are in the locker room, as well as Lola Belt, who appears in Vol 3. There seem to be appearances of other girls in other Volumes but I will have to check again.

  2. Your work is absolutely fascinating. The lengths you go to flush out the carecters and story is quite impressive. I’ll enjoy reading the rest of your work. Also, thank you for publishing these for free. You have my deepest resprect as a fellow artist and writer.

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