More brides of the Grote Opdracht

Damsels writh and struggle with a hungry maritime vore-tentacle monster.

Presented here by agreement between Faustus and the artist.

As President’s Day special (many of our U.S. readers have a day off work, hooray!) I am presenting a big commission by the artist Silverado, whose work has been featured here before at Erotic Mad Science. This is another Brides of the Grote Opdracht illustration, a theme on which we have seen work before by Rafael Suzarte, Lucy Fidelis, and Dark Vanessa. For those of you who might have missed them, the backstory for all of these illustrations is the following pseudo-news story, a part of the Bait continuity.

Crews operating a submersible salvage robot near the Southwest Pacific island of Motofupo made an unexpected discovery last week of the nameplate and other debris believed to have belonged to a Dutch sailing ship lost over a century ago. The Grote Opdracht had sailed from Rotterdam in early 1886 taking various cargo and passengers to the Dutch East Indies. She had made her last port of call at Singapore before sailing east with an intended destination in the Molucca Islands. She was never heard from again. That her nameplate was found so far from any plausible course she might have followed suggests that she might have been caught in a freak tropical storm and driven a long distance before finally foundering near Motofupo. The loss of the Grote Opdracht was made especially poignant by the fact that her passenger consist included several young unmarried Dutch and Flemish women, who were traveling east to be brides of Dutch colonial civil servants working in the Moluccas. This tragedy was the subject of a popular if mournful late nineteenth-century Dutch ballad “Mijn geliefde meisje slaapt in de zuidelijke zee.” (“My beloved girl sleeps in the southern sea.”).

I think Silverado really lavished a great deal of attention on this illustration, so it would be worth your while to right-click on the picture in the post and download the high-resolution version. If you like his work generally, I can strongly recommend his DeviantArt gallery.

Apprendre le français XX: Appât Pages 21-23 (slider)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

PAGE 21 (Single panel page)

(Note : footage)

Single panel: View into the water. We see Phoebe underwater, naked and surrounded by a roiling mass of tentacles, some of which appear to be penetrating all of her primary orifices. “Voices” can be heard suggesting the chaos on the Yellow Rose.

CAPTIONS AT VARIOUS POINTS AROUND THE PANEL (1): “Oh God, oh God!” “Kill that thing!” “Get it!” “Yes, Mr. Petrobux!” “I’m getting my gun!”

Translation (1): « Oh mon Dieu, oh mon Dieu ! » « Tuez cette chose ! » « Attrapez-le ! » « Oui, monsieur Petrobux ! » « Je vais prendre mon arme ! »

PAGE 22 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2 in the boat by the side of the Yellow Rose, as if viewed through Barron Jr.’s camera. Yacht Crewman #1 has a harpoon raised and aimed, presumably at the tentacle beast. One small tentacle is reaching over the side of the boat. Yacht Crewman #2 is sitting in the back of the boat steering an outboard motor.

Yacht Crewman #1 (1): I’ll get you, you motherfucker!

Translation (1): Je vais te niquer enfoiré !

Panel 2: Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2 appear as blackened silhouettes as some sort of massive electrical discharge hits their boat. The whole craft is surrounded by a flash as if of lightning.


Translation (2): KZZZ-ZOT !

Panel 3: Phoebe’s head resurfaces just a bit. A tentacle covers a triangular region around her mother and nose, rather like a medical breathing mask. Her eyes are closed, and her expression looks almost blissful.

Panel 4: Ripples in the region of water where Phoebe’s head has been pulled underneath for one last time.

PAGE 23 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Barron Sr. putting his hand on the barrel of an assault rifle that Wealth Friend is pointing at the sea, a gesture meant to stop him from shooting into the water.

Barron Sr. (1): No, you idiot.

Translation (1): Non, fais pas l’idiot.

Panel 2: A view into the boat, showing the now-charred corpses of Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2.

Panel 3: A view of Peony, now standing some distance away on deck, her head buried in her hands in shock and grief.

Peony (2): No…

Translation (2): Non…

Panel 4: A view downward, indicating that Barron Jr. is pointing his camera down but is still filming. (Note that he is about 11 years old at this time.) We see the swimming trunks he’s wearing, his legs and feet and beneath them the planking of the deck. We can also see through the fabric of his swimming trunks that he is having a marked erection.

Appât (Français/Version longue page)
Appât (Français/Version slider)

Apprendre le français XIX: Appât Pages 18-20 (slider)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

PAGE 18 (Four panels)

(Note: More Super 8 camera “footage.”)

Panel 1: Barron Jr. has zoomed in on something (possibly make it clearer with a little “ZOOM” in one corner of the panel). It is one of Phoebe’s ankles. The tip of a tentacle has wrapped itself around the ankle.

Panel 2: Phoebe in the middle of being yanked off her feet and dragged under the rail by the pull of the tentacle. Her hands are splayed out forward as she is falling, her sunglasses gone askew.

Phoebe (jagged, panicked balloon) (1): WHOOP!

Translation (1): OUP !

Panel 3: View over the rail. Phoebe has been pulled into the sea, her fall throwing up a column of water.

SFX – Phoebe hitting the water (2): SPLASH!

Translation (2): SPLASH!

Panel 4: Phoebe’s head resurfacing briefly as she pulls herself back up above water.

Phoebe (3): Akhhh!

Translation (3): Arghhhh !

PAGE 19 (Four panels)

(Note : footage)

Panel 1: Another, smaller column of water on the surface of the sea as Phoebe is jerked back underwater.

SFX – SUBMERGING (1): Fwoosh!

Translation (1): Fwoosh !

Panel 2: A tentacle has emerged above the same surface of the water as in Panel 1. It is swinging around Phoebe’s bikini top, which the beast below has presumable stripped off her. (Indicate with motion lines.)

Panel 3: A spot on the deck of the Yellow Rose, close-up. Phoebe’s bikini top landing on the deck, presumably tossed there by the beast below.


Translation (2): Splut !

Panel 4: Same as Panel 2, but now it’s the bikini bottom landing next to the top.


Translation (3): Plop !

PAGE 20 (Single panel page)

(Note : footage)

Single panel: Wide “shot” showing a certain amount of pandemonium on deck. Barron Sr. and Peony are leaning over the rail, looking horrified at what they see in the water. A little further on, YACHT CREWMAN #1, an African-American man and YACHT CREWMAN #2, a Latino man, both neatly attired in pseudo-naval uniforms, are lowering themselves in a boat over the side as part of a rescue attempt.

Peony (1): My baby! My baby!

Translation (1): Mon bébé ! Mon bébé !

Barron Sr. (2): God dammit!

Translation (2): Mon dieu !

Appât (Français/Version longue page)
Appât (Français/Version slider)

Open up!

Multiple tentacles go after a buxom, nude woman in a bio-cave.

I originally blogged this illustration, “Cross Species Breeding Program 1,” by longtime friend of the site KristinF in this 14 March 2016 post at Infernal Wonders. This version, kindly provided by the artist herself, is the extra-explicit version that could not appear at Tumblr even before Tumblr went prude or even at the artist’s DeviantArt site. Thanks for the art, KristinF!

You can click and download to see the image in all its icky goodness.