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La alloga indiĝena knabino sin oferas al la marmonstro!

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PAGE 6 (Four panels)

(Note: These panels should be in sepia)

Panel 1: View of the Bride in the water, swimming upright but entirely below the surface (we can just see her as blurry outlines).

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): The Scelleratini brothers’ film technology might have been primitive, but it captured something remarkable.

Translation (1): La teĥnologio de la filmo de fratoj Scelleratini eble estis primitiva, sed ĝi kaptis ion rimarkindan.

Panel 2: View of the Bride, still in the water, with a few tentacles reaching out from the depths to touch her.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (2): It was something like an alien encounter…

Translation (2): Tio estis kvazaŭ eksterterana renkonto…

Panel 3: The Bride now enmeshed in a roiling mass of tentacles.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (3): …or even a mating.

Translation (3): …aŭ eĉ bestopariĝo.

Panel 4: The surface of the waters. The Bride is no longer visible. A few bubbles are breaking through the surface.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (4): It was an encounter from which one of the parties would never return.

Translation (4): Ĝi estis renkonto, el kiu unu el la partoprenantoj neniam revenos.

 Logaĵo (Esperanto/Longpaĝa versio)
Logaĵo (Esperanto/Diapozitivila versio)