Volume 02, Number 01

Volume 2, Number 1

The second volume of the Tales of Gnosis College begins with this chapter, as four lovely coeds each plan time studying abroad, each according to her own preferences and interests. But little do any of them know that in the background an embittered mad scientist is working to make each of their journeys into foreign parts rather more adventurous — and perilous! — than any of them could possibly imagined. What will become of our quartet of heroines? The story of Study Abroad begins here…

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Four sexy coeds in the cover of the first issue of Study Abroad

Page One

Mad scientist Emil Strangeways rants in his laboratory.

Page Two

Strangeways's rant turns to fist-shaking rage!

Page Three

Strangeways's assistant Wagner arrives

Page Four

Soldier-boy buggery leads to big bang!

Page Five

Strangeways explains how his sex drug works

Page Six

Strangeways bribes Wagner

Page Seven

Sexy Bridget works on her belly dance

Page Eight

Page Nine

Cleo gets a naughty spider in her cleavage

Page Ten

More spider in the cleavage!

Page Eleven

Seminar room confrontation

Page Twelve

Biff is a classroom asshat

Page Thirteen

Personal identity rears itself as an issue

Page Fourteen

Iris state her case

Page Fifteen

No wonder Wagner has bitterness against the world

Page Sixteen

Sexy coeds served drugged coffee!

Page Seventeen

Bridget O'Brian's orientalist fantasy

Page Eighteen

Cleo imagines herself as a tropical adventurer

Page Nineteen

Jill Keeney, defender of the downtrodden!

Page Twenty

Iris Brockman contemplates Japan

Page Twenty-One

Four beauties contemplate their futures.

Page Twenty-Two

Four beauties seal a deal.

Page Twenty-Three

Four beauties reconvene to swap stories.


Donna Nelso is a sexy catgirl

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