Pre-code comics carried on the old pulp tradition

This is the cover from a series called Black Cat Mystery Comics, Issue #32, published December 1951. I hesitate to imagine what that poor girl is about to be plunged into. (A hot spring? Hell itself?) Details on the issue are thin, but there’s an entry for in in the Grand Comics Database here. This image is a reblog from a 16 November 2013 post at Infernal Wonders, itself originally picked up from the now sadly defunct tumblr Great Grotto.

Tumblr favorite #2294: Rocket to some moon


My original tumblr post was here. This comics cover “Rocket to the Moon” features the text “Could TED DUSTIN, rocket explorer, and MAZA, beautiful princess of Lunar, stem the powerful hordes of GREEN MONSTERS who sought to conquer the World?” It was originally posted by brudesworld who attributed it to “Joe Orlando, 1951.” My snarky comment in reply was “Hell, if you’re pretty enough you don’t need any spacesuit, apparently.” The image comes to us via notpulpcovers.

Tumblr favorite #2131: Back to the beach with Monique Grassmick


My original tumblr post was here. This was a reblog of my own scan originally published at Infernal Wonders. I attached the text:

The cover of Femmes Fatales, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Summer 1993). Unfortunately I’ve been unable to learn much about cover model Monique Grassmick. Cover contains the text “Femmes Fatales of the Films. Summer 1993. $5.50. Can $6.60. UK £3.75. Sarah Douglas, Rhonda Shear, Ginger Lynn Allen, Ava Cadell, Becky LeBeau. They Bite: Another kind of ‘Jaws.’ A horror spoof. Summer, back to the beach girl, Monique Grassmick.”