Tumblr favorite #2131: Back to the beach with Monique Grassmick


My original tumblr post was here. This was a reblog of my own scan originally published at Infernal Wonders. I attached the text:

The cover of Femmes Fatales, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Summer 1993). Unfortunately I’ve been unable to learn much about cover model Monique Grassmick. Cover contains the text “Femmes Fatales of the Films. Summer 1993. $5.50. Can $6.60. UK £3.75. Sarah Douglas, Rhonda Shear, Ginger Lynn Allen, Ava Cadell, Becky LeBeau. They Bite: Another kind of ‘Jaws.’ A horror spoof. Summer, back to the beach girl, Monique Grassmick.”

Tumblr favorite #2057: The Awful Dr. Orloff

tumblr_n9wohzSORZ1tfvxpao1_1280 (1)

My original tumblr post was here. This movie poster was originally posted on tumblr by kinocult, who added this commentary:

Italian Poster for THE AWFUL DR. ORLOF dir. by JESS FRANCO

Howard Vernon stars as a diabolical surgeon who, with the help of his blind minion Morpho (Ricardo Valle), lures beautiful women into the operating room of his stone castle, so they may provide the raw materials for a series of experimental face grafts for his disfigured daughter.