Приманка 001

Зловещий восход над Южными морями.

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PAGE 1 (Four panels)

Panel 1: CAPTAIN IVAN DRUMMINGDALE (“Drummingdale’) stands at the bow of his ship, the RV SEAGOON. Drummingdale is a gaunt, tall, naval-looking man. He wears a short-sleeved white shirt with captain’s epaulets and a seaman’s cap. It is dawn in the tropics. Drummingdale is staring out to sea and speaks without turning around.

Drummingdale (1): You’re up early today, Professor Turpentine.

Translation (1): Рано вы сегодня, профессор Терпентайн.

Panel 2: Drummingdale stands on the rail next to PROFESSOR EUSTACE TURPENTINE (“Turpentine”). Turpentine is a short, fat man with a white mustache and a white fringe of hair around a head which would otherwise be bald. However in this panel he is wearing a pith helmet and a twin-pocketed shirt. He looks relaxed. Drummingdale, still staring over the rail out to sea, looks anything but.

Turpentine (2): It’s a big day for us, Captain Drummingdale. Our first attempt.

Translation (2): Это великий день для нас, капитан Драммингдейл. Наша первая попытка.

Drummingdale (3): Oh, aye.

Comment (3): “Aye” is “yes” with an archaic or maritime flavor. To to the extent possible, the translation should reflect this.

Translation (3): О, так точно.

Panel 3: Close-up on Drummingdale’s face. His jaw is clenched.

Drummingdale (4): Can’t say I approve of what you’re going to put those girls through.

Comment (4): “Can’t say” here means “I can’t say.”

Translation (4): Не могу сказать, что одобряю то, чему вы хотите подвергнуть бедных девушек.

Panel 4: Close-up on Turpentine, though not quite as close up as on Drummingdale in the previous panel. Turpentine’s expression is one of jolly unconcern.

Turpentine (5): They both signed the release, Captain.

Comment (5): A “release” in this context is a legal document in which one person agrees not to sue another person for certain damages that might be incurred in an activity both are involved in.

Translation (5): Они обе подписали соглашение, капитан.

Turpentine (6): They understand what they’re doing.

Translation (6): Они знают, что делают.

 Приманка (русский язык/Версия с длинной страницей)
Приманка (русский язык/Слайдер-версия)

Köder 086

Der Himmel helfe dir, Turpentine, wenn dieses Tentakelmonster jemals entkommt.

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PAGE 86 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Turpentine, in a white labcoat, standing next to the side of the tank. He is being interviewed. In the part of the tank that is visible behind him, there’s nothing but water.

Turpentine (1): Well, we had some difficult times there, but it is remarkable how we succeeded in the end.

Translation (1): Nun, wir hatten dort einige schwierige Momente, aber es ist bemerkenswert, wie wir am Ende erfolgreich waren.

Panel 2: Turpentine facing the tank and placing one hand on the glass.

Turpentine (2): We’ll study the Creature and find out what makes it tick. I’d say that its woman-eating days are over.

Translation (2): Wir werden die Kreatur studieren und herausfinden, wie sie funktioniert. Ich würde sagen, dass die Tage des Frauenfressens vorüber sind.

Panel 3: Turpentine facing outward from the glass again. In the background, un-noted by him, a tentacle has snaked into the shot. This tentacle has an eye at its end, wide open in this panel.

Turpentine (3): I believe humanity will benefit a great deal from the study of Gynophagos turpentinii.

Comment (3): Same conventions on Linnean species names apply as above.

Translation (3): Ich bin überzeugt, dass die Menschheit von der Erforschung von Gynophagos turpentinii sehr profitieren wird.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (4): Wasn’t it supposed to be named Gynophagos honeywoodiae?

Translation (4): Sollte sie nicht eigentlich Gynophagos honeywoodiae heißen?

Panel 4: Turpentine looking a bit perplexed and annoyed. Behind him, the eye-tentacle has contorted into an Angry Squint, as similar as possible to the same Angry Squint made by Claudia Honeywood.

Turpentine (5): I’m sorry, but I have no recollection of that.

Translation (5): Tut mir leid, daran erinnere ich mich nicht.

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)

Köder 069

Claudia geht entsprechend schlecht gelaunt aus.

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PAGE 69 (Four pages)

Panel 1: Claudia sitting back in her cabin writing a letter at a tiny desk.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): Within a few hours, the arrangements are made.

Translation (1): Innerhalb weniger Stunden sind alle Vorbereitungen getroffen.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (2): Claudia writes one last letter to her academic advisor, thanking her for her support.

Translation (2): Claudia schreibt einen letzten Brief an ihre akademische Beraterin und dankt ihr für ihre Unterstützung.

Panel 2: Claudia taking a capsule from Hiram in his shipboard lab.

Hiram (3): It has been recalibrated…

Translation (3): Sie wurde neu kalibriert…

Claudia (4): And if you got it wrong this time, I swear I will return from my watery grave and drag you back down with me.

Translation (4): Wenn Sie es dieses mal wieder versaut haben, dann schwöre ich Ihnen, stehe ich aus meinem Wassergrab auf und hole Sie zu mir nach unten.

Panel 3: Claudia walking down a narrow ship’s corridor, with Turpentine behind her.

Turpentine (5): We cannot emphasize enough how much your sacrifice is appreciated, Dr. Honeywood…

Translation (5): Wir können gar nicht genug betonen, wie sehr wir Ihr Opfer zu schätzen wissen, Dr. Honeywood…

Claudia (6): Kindly go fuck yourself, Eustace.

Translation (6): Ach, ficken Sie sich doch, Eustace.

Panel 4: Claudia walking out on deck. She’s fully clothed, wearing the same skirt and button-down blouse combination she was wearing when she came aboard the RV Seagoon. A few sailors with hang-dog expressions look on.

Claudia (7): You all are going to have to get your peep-show somewhere else today.

Translation (7): Ihr müsst euch eure Stripshow heute wohl irgendwo anders suchen, Jungs.

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)

Köder 066

Was ist mit der Wissenschaft? Liebst du die Wissenschaft nicht?

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PAGE 66 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Turpentine facing the door, speaking to it.

Turpentine (1): At this point, the expedition simply cannot succeed without you. There just isn’t anyone else with the right…attributes, and it will be nineteen more years before anyone has another chance.

Translation (1): An diesem Punkt kann die Expedition ohne Sie einfach kein Erfolg warden. Es ist sonst niemand hier mit den richtigen…Attributen, und wir müssen sonst wieder neunzehn Jahre warten, bis wir erneut eine Chance haben.

Panel 2: Turpentine still facing the door, with his hands up in a pleading gesture.

Turpentine (2): In recognition of what we’re asking of you, the species will be named after you. Gynophagos honeywoodiae. How does that sound?

Comment (2): The Linnean “species name” Gynophagos honeywoodiae should be left in the original Latin, unless it is the custom among professional biologists using your target language to render it otherwise.

Translation (2): In Anerkennung Ihrer Leistung, um die wir Sie bitten, wird die Spezies nach Ihnen benannt werden. Gynophagos honeywoodiae. Wie klingt das?

Panel 3: Claudia still on her bunk. This is another “surveillance video” panel. In this panel Claudia’s eyes are in an angry squint The precise nature of this squint should be drawn as distinctively as possible and noted (thus as the “Angry Squint”) as it will reappear in another context below.

Claudia (3): Fuck off!

Comment (3): “Fuck off” is a vulgar and rude way in English to tell someone to go away, but one perhaps appropriate under these circumstances.

Translation (3): Verpissen Sie sich!

SUBTITLE (4): Internal surveillance video.

Translation (4): Überwachungskamera.

Panel 4: Turpentine addressing the door.

Turpentine (5): Think about it.

Translation (5): Denken Sie darüber nach.

Turpentine (6): Please.

Translation (6): Bitte.

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)

Köder 065

Turpentine versucht, die wütende Claudia zu überzeugen.

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PAGE 65 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Turpentine, walking down a narrow ship’s corridor.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): Professor Turpentine, as expedition leader, attempts to deal with the crisis that has arisen.

Translation (1): Professor Turpentine versucht als Expeditionsleiter die aufgekommene Krise zu bewältigen.

Panel 2: Turpentine knocking on cabin door in the corridor.

SFX – TURPENTINE KNOCKING (2): Knock, knock.

Translation (2): Klopf, klopf.

Turpentine (3): Dr. Honeywood, can we speak?

Translation (3): Dr, Honeywood, können wir reden?

Panel 3: Turpentine talking to the door.

Turpentine (4): Listen, I’ve talked with the expedition sponsor via satellite phone. He understands how critical you’ve become to the success of this expedition, and he has said he’s willing to raise the charitable donation to five million dollars if you can…cooperate.

Translation (4): Hören Sie, ich habe per Satellitentelefon mit dem Sponsor der Expedition gesprochen. Er versteht, wie entscheidend Sie jetzt für den Erfolg der Expedition sind und hat zugestimmt, die wohltätige Spende auf fünf Millionen Dollar zu erhöhen, wenn Sie…kooperieren.

Panel 4: View of Claudia sitting on her bunk in her cabin. Her arms angrily folded over her chest, her face set. This panel is “surveillance video” so it should have a somewhat vaguer, grainer look to it than most panels.

CAPTION – TURPENTINE SPEAKING THROUGH THE DOOR (5): You can do a lot of good in the world with five million dollars, Claudia.

Translation (5): Mit fünf Millionen Dollar kann man viel Gutes tun, Claudia.

SUBTITLE (6): Internal surveillance video.

Translation (6): Überwachungskamera.

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)

Köder 064

Claudia stürmt rechtschaffen heraus.

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PAGE 64 (Four panels)

Panel 1: View of Claudia again, realization sinking in.

Claudia (1): No.

Translation (1): Nein.

Panel 2: Claudia in the act of standing up, her face enraged.

Claudia (2): No fucking way, do you understand?

Comment (2): “Fucking” in Claudia’s dialog line here shouldn’t be translated literally. In colloquial English, used in the way Claudia is using it here, it serves purely as an intensifier (generally used by someone who is angry) to stress the point.

Translation (2): Auf gar keinen Fall, kapiert?

Panel 3: Claudia in the midst of storming past Turpentine out of the room. Turpentine has reached out to grab her sleeve, and Claudia has a hand raised to swat it away.

Turpentine (3): Claudia, please.

Translation (3): Claudia, bitte.

Claudia (4): Let go of me!

Translation (4): Lassen Sie mich los!

Panel 4: View of Hiram, sitting back in his chair and rolling his eyes.

Hiram (5): Women!

Translation (5): Frauen!

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)

Köder 056

Zeit für Daphne, sich zu opfern.

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PAGE 56 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Turpentine at the head of the table, looking grumpy.

Turpentine (1): Yes. That may well be.

Translation (1): Ja. Das ist möglich.

Panel 2: Hiram, with a crooked grin.

Hiram (2): Well, we could always set it higher and try again.

Translation (2): Wir könnten die Einstellung erhöhen und es nochmal versuchen.

Panel 3: Daphne, who is sitting at the table, with a wide-eyed expression.

Panel 4: Daphne again, with a slightly calmer expression.

Daphne (3): So, I guess I’m going in after all.

Translation (3): Also bin ich jetzt wohl an der Reihe.

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)

Köder 055

Aber das Experiment läuft schlecht.

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PAGE 55 (Four panels)

Panel 1: View of the RV Seagoon, lit up against the night sky.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): Back on the RV Seagoon, things are not going well.

Translation (1): Zurück auf der RV Seagoon läuft es nicht gut.

Panel 2: View on the bridge of the Seagoon, with Captain Drummingdale and Professor Turpentine looking over the shoulders of two sailors who are looking at monitors. On the darkened bridge, the illumination on faces comes from these monitors.

Turpentine (2): How long has it been?

Translation (2): Wie lange ist es her?

Drummingdale (3): Thirteen hours, Professor.

Translation (3): Dreizehn Stunden, Professor.

Turpentine (4): You’re running every possible sweep?

Translation (4): Und Sie haben alles im Blick?

Drummingdale (5): Nothing but calm sea out there.

Translation (5): Nichts als ruhige See.

Panel 3: View of a frustrated-looking Turpentine standing at the head of the table in the ship’s galley.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (6): After forty-eight hours, Professor Turpentine concludes that their first attempt has failed.

Translation (6): Nach achtundvierzig Stunden kommt Professor Turpentine zum Schluss, dass der erste Versuch gescheitert ist.

Turpentine (7): No sign of a detonation at all.

Translation (7): Kein Anzeichen einer Detonation.

Panel 4: Hiram, sitting among other crew at the table in the mess.

Hiram (8): Perhaps we had the capsule sensor setting set too low.

Translation (8): Vielleicht war der Kapselsensor zu niedrig eingestellt.

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)

Köder 046

Eliza ist die Auserwählte.

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PAGE 46 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Turpentine has lifted away his right hand and is now looking down at the back of his left, where the coin is now resting.

Panel 2: Eliza and Daphne sitting next to one another, both wide-eyed in anticipation.

Panel 3: Extreme close-up of the coin resting on the back of Turpentine’s hand. It is Lady Liberty-side up.


Translation (1): Es ist Lady Liberty.


Translation (2): Eliza geht zuerst.

Panel 4: Daphne and Eliza leaning over, giving each other a hug.

Daphne (3): Congratulations!

Translation (3): Glückwunsch!

Eliza (4): Thank you!

Translation (4): Danke!

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)

Köder 045

Der spannende Wurf der Münze.

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PAGE 45 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Extreme close-up: view of the front of a 1907 Saint Gaudens double eagle held between Turpentine’s thumb and forefinger. (views of the front and reverse of this famous coin can be found at) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_eagle#/media/File:NNC-US-1907-G$20-Saint_Gaudens_(Roman,_high_relief).jpg (Accessed March 6, 2017)

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (1): If Lady Liberty comes up, then Eliza will be our first subject.

Translation (1): Bei Lady Liberty wird Eliza unsere erste Versuchsperson.

Panel 2: Extreme close-up: view of the back of the same coin shown between Turpentine’s thumb and forefinger.

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (2): If the eagle comes up, then Daphne will go first, and Eliza will be her backup.

Translation (2): Beim Adler wird Daphe zuerst runter gehen und Eliza ist unser Ersatz.

Panel 3: Turpentine, having flipped the coin, which can be seen in mid-air just past its arc, in mid turn as it spins (indicate with motion lines.

Panel 4: Turpentine, having caught the coin in his right hand and brought it down on the back of his left (also indicate with motion lines, and an action word, designated below:!)

ACTION WORD (Turpentine’s catching coin) (3): Catch!

Translation (3): Fang!

 Köder (Deutsch/Langseitige Version)
Köder (Deutsch/Dia-Version)