Volume 07, Number 01

Volume 7, Number 1

Colonel Madder, still smarting from past defeats in his encounters with Gnosis College students, engages his new lieutenant in a new plot against them, a wheel within a wheel of his larger project to rid society of libertine individualism. On campus Tanya Yip and Connie Morton duel for the soprano solo role in an all-student production of the Verdi Requiem, the musical efforts of each powered by different kinds of mad science. And Jireen, the synthetic hybrid woman created in an act of desperation by Aloysius Kim in an attempt to save the lives of two of his friends, now begins to feel her erotic power as she explores what Gnosis College has to offer.

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Gnosis College students sing the the Marseillaise at a showing of Casablanca.

Page One

Colonel Madder discusses important matters with Captain Jackson

Page Two

Colonel Madder broods.

Page Three

Connie Morton sings "Quando m'en vo'" in the shower.

Page Four

Jireen steals some of Connie's "medication."

Page Five

Tanya Yip relaxes to Bach's G-major cello suite.

Page Six

Tanya Yip fantasizes about transforming herself into a cello.

Page Seven

Pablo Casals plays the by-fantasy-transformed Tanya Yip.

Page Eight

Jireen spills soup on Rob as a way of getting his attention.

Page Nine

Jireen discovers that Rob is a fan of old movies by a "Big Sleep" poster on his wall.

Page Ten

Tanya does a blind audition.

Page Eleven

Tanya sings the opening bars of the "Libera me" from the Verdi requiem.

Page Twelve

Connie does drugs to perform better in the audition.

Page Thirteen

Connie does her own audition for the Verdi Requiem.

Page Fourteen

Rob and Jireen have coffee before the movie.

Page Fifteen

The results of the auditions are announced.

Page Sixteen

Gnosis students sing the Marseillaise along with Casablanca.

Page Seventeen

Jireen cries at the end of Casablanca.

Page Eighteen

A "goodnight kiss" between Jireen and Rob.

Page Nineteen

A seductive offer from Jireen.

Page Twenty

Rob and Jireen have hot sex.

Page Twenty-One

Jireen and Rob in the afterglow.

Page Twenty-Two

A toast in the student pub.

Page Twenty-Three

Marie hands mysterious drugs off to Connie in the ladies room.

Page Twenty-Four

Madder plans the disposal of an agent who has outlived her usefulness.

Page Twenty-Five

Captain Jackson's imagined foreign sex-slave market, verso side.

Page Twenty-Six

Captain Jackson's imagined oriental slave market, recto page


Connie Morton's g-string pin-up.

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