Volume 05, Number 04

Volume 5, Number 4

The shocking discovery of the murdered Jill-Prime prompts Jill, Maureen, and Willie to summon help from gadgeteer-genius Aloysius. Together they go to groumd and try to piece together the conspiracy of which her murder is only a part. They’d better work fast, because only a few hundred yards away on campus, the surgically and psychologically enhanced John Samson is unleashing his unwholesome powers on a suite of unsuspecting freshman women!

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The giant fist of Colonel Madder reaches down to crush our heroes!

Page One

Jill and Maureen react to finding the grisly hanged corpse of Jill-Prime.

Page Two

Maureen connects the dots between the corpse and the reconstitution.

Page Three

Maureen and Jill have a stiff drink and begin unraveling the mystery.

Page Four

Jill and Maureen discover that each has been through the scanner....

Page Five

Aloysius gets into autopsy work.

Page Six

Maureen and Jill get naked, turn invisible, and head out into the snow.

Page Seven

Willie takes a copy of his bad dream to be used later.

Page Eight

Michiko implicitly threatens to castrate Samson.

Page Nine

Aloysius and Willie meet Jill and Maureen down in the steam tunnels.

Page Ten

Willie, Aloysius, Jill, and Maureen set up shop in an abandoned theater.

Page Eleven

Aloysius manages to un-invisible Maureen.

Page Twelve

Willie explains that some strange things lurk in dreams.

Page Thirteen

Jill thinks back to being the sexual plaything of the Generalissimo.

Page Fourteen

Aloysius benefits from the Internet in investigating Colonel Madder

Page Fifteen

The mad science gang at Gnosis starts making war preparations.

Page Sixteen

Willie and Aloysius set off to do clean-up duty on Jill-Prime's corpse.

Page Seventeen

Four freshman girls are talking about a putative campus sex god.

Page Eighteen

Marie is planning a rather open seduction.  College is fun!

Page Nineteen

John Samson shows off his genitals to four intrigued coeds.

Page Twenty

John Samson shows off a magnificent erection to the four coeds.

Page Twenty-One

Having lost the bet, Marie cheerfully begins to pay up.

Page Twenty-Two

Marie presents herself to Samson for fucking...with an audience!

Page Twenty-Three

Samson fucks Marie to completion.

Page Twenty-Four

Samson gets hard again, and looks to win another coed.

Page Twenty-Five

The set-up of our science heroes becomes more elaborate.

Page Twenty-Six

Aloysius has reduced Jill-Prime to a few ounces of liquid.

Page Twenty-Seven

Video of the Apsinthion Protocol in action!

Page Twenty-Eight

The mad science gang starts assembling elements of the conspiracy.


Marie Martin, mad science sex victim.

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2 thoughts on “Volume 05, Number 04

  1. Great chapter. I especially love that you brought back the liquification process from way back in vol 1 (IIRC). Great way to tie everything together and keep the narrative tight. I wonder, how far out do you have these stories scripted?

    • It depends on the meaning of scripted. For detailed comics scripts, with every panel described and all the dialog written, I try to stay about two months ahead of publication. Less precise material exists (scene-by-scene) through about the middle of what would be Volume VIII, so at this point a little more than a year ahead. It gets a bit sketchier in Volume IX, but I have ideas…

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