Volume 10, Number 09

Volume 10, Number 9:

“The Return of Blond Justice”

Note: This story was guest-written by Molly Whipple. Molly continues the story of spunky superheroine cheerleader Penny West and strange salamander-man Oz Stanback. This improbable pair make their break from the regime of imprisonment and torture run by the sinister General Thicke and head across country back to Gnosis College with the help of various eccentric characters. They aim to confront government-sponsored mad scientist Professor Padhye who experiments got them in to their present predicament, but who knows what weird surprises await them on their return to alma mater. Find out in this chapter of the Tales of Gnosis College!

Kindly note that all the comics images on this page, including the virtual cover, were written by Molly Whipple, commissioned and edited by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com and drawn by Lon Ryden is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to copy, repost and share these images as long as you provide attribution to Molly, Dr. Faustus and Lon, but if you want to use any of them for commercial purposes or wish to create derivative works from them (other than using brief excerpts in good-faith reviews, studies and criticism) you need to seek permission from Dr. Faustus. Thank you.

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Penny West, wrapped in the flag, embraces a humanoid salamander.  Makes me feel really patriotic.

Page One

Smith and Ong argue about a current case.

Page Two

It's torture time!

Page Three

Thicke continues his electric torture of pool Penny.

Page Four

General Thicke will find those mutants.

Page Five

Plotting revenge!

Page Six

Millennials:  Better at plotting than you think.

Page Seven


Page Eight

Oz self-stigmatizes.

Page Nine

Penny's good at beating up mooks.

Page Ten

Penny is strong enough to life a Lexus.

Page Eleven

When I was a kid taken on vacation, I never got to see anything this good.

Page Twelve

Poor Oz.

Page Thirteen

At least Oz regenerates.

Page Fourteen

Penny's flag is fluttering in the breeze. If you're pretty much naked having a retinal scan ATM is useful.

Page Sixteen

Meet little-person truck driver Barney Stormcrow.

Page Seventeen

Nothing like watching The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Page Eighteen

Barney drops our heroes off.

Page Nineteen

Barney has some interesting ideas.

Page Twenty

Penny and Oz discuss the ethics of revenge on Padhye.

Page Twenty-One

Oz knows some people who can help even up the score.

Page Twenty-Two

They make their leap from a moving train.

Page Twenty-Three

Introducing Wayman, another delightful and resourceful paranoiac.

Page Twenty-Four

General Thicke isn't taking the mutant escapes very well.

Page Twenty-Five

I guess they'll be safe as long as they're in a bowling alley.

Page Twenty-Six

Our team meet some new characters: Hot Foot, Bibi, & Candide.

Page Twenty-Seven

A sudden indication that poor Woody might not be dead after all.

Page Twenty-Eight

My Woody is alive?


I feel more patriotic already.

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