Volume 11, Number 08

Volume 11, Number 8:

The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter 8 (Conclusion)

Note: This volume was guest-written by Vinnie Tesla. It is down to the final confrontation between the Monsters of Science and their real and virtual allies and the dangerous AIs that control Munkytown. Will our heroes triumph or will humanity be enslaved to a clean and boring virtual reality? Find out in this thrilling final chapter!

Kindly note that all the comics images on this page, including the virtual cover, were written by Vinnie Tesla and illustrated by Lon Ryden, having been commissioned and edited by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com and drawn by Lon Ryden. The comic is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to copy, repost and share these images as long as you provide attribution ti Dr. Faustus and Lon, but if you want to use any of them for commercial purposes or wish to create derivative works from them (other than using brief excerpts in good-faith reviews, studies and criticism) you need to seek permission from Dr. Faustus. Thank you.

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Kat Carter faces all sorts of random opponents here.

Page One

The battle against Munkytown rages on, now in its second chapter.

Page Two

A sad virtual "death" for Elizabeth Wolff.

Page Three

Pull my nipples?

Page Four

Now this is what I call jacking in.

Page Five

Viz: super warrior.

Page Six

Meanwhile, Kat Carter experiences a sudden enlightenment about the nature of virtual reality.

Page Seven

I wonder what's in the south subbasement.

Page Eight

Ah, the security guard again.

Page Nine

Operation Wet Waldo is go!

Page Ten

Take that, giant penguin!

Page Eleven

Hizzonor the mayor really does not like the word motherfuck!

Page Twelve

Mayor Munky really suffers from bad langauge.

Page Thirteen

The Evil Kat emerges.

Page Fourteen

Nothing like the awkwardness of certain old acquaintances.

Page Fifteen

Yeah...that's right...another chance.

Page Sixteen

Always important to get these consent issues correct.

Page Seventeen

Swallow and gulp.

Page Eighteen

The Clash of the Titans

Page Nineteen

The Eidolon versus the Neural Net is now a huge damn fight.

Page Twenty

A strange and menacing group int he Dangerous Books Room.

Page Twenty-One

Kat discards her opponents.

Page Twenty-Two

Kat Carter has her moment of Faustian temptation and...turns away from it.

Page Twenty-Three

Rebecca Stewart feels a tremor in the force.

Page Twenty-Four

Viz boots back up.

Page Twenty-Five

A b it of continuity with Shon Richards's story!

Page Twenty-Six

Nothing like a werewolf for dealing with an angry mob.

Page Twenty-Seven

Show'em what the Monsters of Science can do, guys.

Page Twenty-Eight


Page Twenty-Nine

Uh oh, Neural Net.

Page Thirty

Not the Neural Net, but the Eidolon

Page Thirty-One

Trunky gets a promotion.

Page Thirty-Two

Viz has a little malware problem.

Page Thirty-Three

Kat likes her some tentacles.

Page Thirty-Four

In the end, there was the Word.


Yes, Kat Carter really is into tentacles.

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