Volume 08, Number 07

Volume 8, Number 7

Taylor Chase has struck a bargain with the Machiavellian Iris Brockman: he will allows a duplicate of himself to be created, altered, and deployed in a plot to attack the mad-science organization responsible for the death of his beloved Marie. He soon finds himself hosting his female alter-ego “Tabitha” who sets in motion a scheme involving as pawns members of the Omega fraternity who were responsible for the rape of Dolly Gibson. Concurrent plots for revenge will build to a terrifying climax in this chapter of the Tales of Gnosis College.

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Castration anxiety rears its ugly head.

Page One

Taylor went and got duplicated. Again.

Page Two

Taylor meets his distaff doppelganger.

Page Three

What do you do with your own double?

Page Four

Taylor takes advantage of himself.

Page Five

A greasy breakfast after a wild night.

Page Six


Page Seven

Omega makes more sense than he knows.

Page Eight

Laura Sato-Bevilaqua gets naked and goes down for an audience, again.

Page Nine

Pedro would make a much sexier Mussolini than the real thing.

Page Ten

Pedro gets luck. Again. And again.

Page Eleven

Cartoonist attracts attention.

Page Twelve

Those Omega alumni are a herd of lust-crazed goats.

Page Thirteen

The distaff side of the "ritual."

Page Fourteen

Paige shows herself to be virginal in at least one respect.

Page Fifteen

A fulfilling evening for someone.

Page Sixteen


Page Seventeen

Cash rules all around me.

Page Eighteen

And who wouldn't want to oil-wrestle a naked Tabitha?

Page Nineteen


Page Twenty

Hail the conquering hero!

Page Twenty-One

Yeah, if only rich businessmen were allowed to run everything.

Page Twenty-Two

And someone also gets to join the mile-high club.

Page Twenty-Three

Topless tropical maidens lure'em every time.

Page Twenty-Four

it's like Hong Kong cinema in there, all of a sudden.

Page Twenty-Five

I have a feeling Pedro's woes are only beginning.

Page Twenty-Six

Let's see how they like being women in the hands of predators.

Page Twenty-Seven

Another tube-girl transaction.

Page Twenty-Eight

The Takayama organization:  good at fixing things.

Page Twenty-Nine

Welcome to the University of Oxford, Tabitha!

Page Thirty

The Gnosis Illuminator:  all the news that's bad to print.


Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Seven, Pin-up

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