Ascent, With Girl

girls girls girls movie poster

As is self-evident from the artwork, this is a movie poster for a movie called Girls Girls Girls. Somewhat difficult to research due to a 1962 Elvis Presley movie by the same name, the poster refers to an entirely different movie, the details of which are tricky to pin down.

The most comprehensive and detailed (ha!) information on this Girls Girls Girls movie comes from German-language DVD seller Tabu Film, which offers a postage-stamp view of the DVD clamshell art and a brief synopsis of the movie:

dvd art

Ein Sex-Road-Movie der Sonderklasse! Exklusive Drehorte, ungeheure Aufnahmen, ein Spitzenaufgebot neuer, wunderschöner und hemmungsloser Mädchen sowie eine Spitzenstory von Alan Vydra – das ist “Mädchen, Mädchen, Mädchen”!

The German machine-translates to:

A sex road movie of the special class! Exclusive filming locations, tremendous shots, a top cast of new, beautiful and unrestrained girls and a top story by Alan Vydra – that’s “girls, girls, girls”!

Tabu Film gives the production date as 1981. (However, I do note that the copyright date on the movie poster is 1979.)

Encylo Ciné (a French-language source) says that the movie was a hotbed of aliases and alternate titles, including Teenager In Love, Amies de papa (les), Deux Américaines à Paris, and Flocons d’amour. The Teenager In Love poster:

teenager in love movie poster

Although none of this is living up to the psychedelic disco alien space biker glory of the original poster, the new title leads us inexorably to videotape cover art and screenshot thumbnails:

teenager in love vhs box art teenager in love screencap thumbnails

What any of this has to do with striding above the fogs of the Golden Gate with an armload of blonde, I am powerless to say.

This image is a reblog from a 15 November 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. Its original source was a Tumblr named JD Kickstart: Bikes, Chicks, & Rock n’ Roll, now defunct but fragmentarily preserved by the Internet archive.

Inside The Nude

Provenance research does not in this case reveal a definitive source for this image, but it goes a long way toward animating a robust theory about the nature of such a source:

bent over skinless poser figure with skull top removed

In a variety of dead ends where reverse image search engines proclaim that this image used to be found, and in at at least one place where related images are found, the relevant URLs include the string “Pix3D” which probably refers to three-dimensional modeling or animation software such as Poser. At one time, “Poser art” and “Poser porn” were pretty big deals on the web, and it was common for people to take existing 3D models and make image sets (sometimes porn image sets) with them by posing them in a variety of custom skins and textures and sets and backgrounds. The Poser software was expensive commercial stuff (though often pirated) and there were many competing freeware, open-source, shareware, public-domain, and budget alternatives of varying capabilities. My theory is that this image is the product of that “Poser art” world.

The link above bolsters the theory, I argue, by bring us essentially the same figure with the same (lack of) skin textures in two new and different poses — something that was pretty trivial to do in Poser-type software. Note that someone has superimposed standard anatomical images from Gray’s Anatomy:

Also at the same link (not shown here for reasons of aesthetic disdain) are four more images where someone has attempted to clad the same human model/figure with skin, and with clothing textures to stand in for underwear. (They may also have contorted the model manually, beyond the poses its underlying modeling was designed to support.) This effort is artistically much less successful. I’m being polite; the results are hideous, and the most plausible explanation is that the artist was trying to stretch a software art tool beyond both its capabilities and their own.

This image is a reblog from a 10 November 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. It was originally sourced to (now defunct and surviving only fragmentarily in the Internet Archive). This image has also appeared once before on Erotic Mad Science.

Very Large Conehead Zombie Surprise

You wouldn’t know it from this photo, but the role of the enormous bloody deformed conehead zombie creature is to save the nude lady from an evil mad scientist:

Eddie Carmel as a cone head zombie monster

Two different blog posts assure us that this is a publicity photo (no such scene actually appearing in the movie) for the 1962 mad science horror flick The Brain That Would Not Die:

The Brain That Would Not Die movie poster

The movie itself is in the public domain and is viewable at the Internet Archive. More information about the film, including a detailed synopsis of the plot, is available at Wikipedia.

The monster-conehead-zombie was played by Eddie Carmel, a 7-foot, 3-inch tall giant known as “The Jewish Giant”. One website about him offers a tiny and watermarked version of this photo that has been cropped less than any of the others available on the web. (Although the clothing and bodies below the “Giants And Girls” legend appear crudely Photoshopped-in, the model’s belly button looks possibly original, indicating that there’s just a smidge more of the original photo in this version.)

photoshopped promotional photo eddie carmel

This image is a reblog from a 10 November 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. Its original source is the long gone and greatly missed tumblr The World Of Doctor Orloff! (A very incomplete copy may be viewed in the Internet Archive.)

A Most Stimulating Catch

When maritime creatures cooperate, the catch of the day becomes the tentacle-sex orgy of the week:


The artwork is by Knucklecurve (ナックルカーブon Pixiv) and it may be seen on Pixiv. (Pixiv’s age-verification login required.) An additional gallery of work by Knucklecurve may be found on Danbooru; a slightly larger one is available on Sankaku Complex.

This image is a reblog from a 2 January 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. Its original source is the tumblr It’s Game Over For These Girls. Poor girls!

Some co-blogging by Bacchus

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Bacchus of ErosBlog, who has in the past done formidable research on topics of interest to me for publication here at Erotic Mad Science, has not only agreed to accept a new series of image-research commissions, but has also agreed to directly supply supporting text for them, writing in a style that charmed and intrigued his readers for fifteen years at ErosBlog. I hope you can join me in welcoming him as a guest blogger here in many of the coming mid-day posts. His first post will be running here in a few hours, and appropriately for a site which recently featured Bait, it has tentacles. Lots and lots of tentacles…

Bacchus has a Patreon, so do the right thing

Bacchus at ErosBlog has been tirelessly sex blogging for the past 14 years. He gave me my own start in blogging by graciously offering me the opportunity to do guest posts at his blog home. I thus sometimes refer to him as my Blogfather: without his encouragement and help there probably wouldn’t be an Erotic Mad Science.

Following changing business models in the adult industry, Bacchus now has a Patreon:

Bacchus describes the mission he’s trying to fund as follows:

  1. Preserving an independent adult internet;
  2. Documenting the sources of erotic material; and
  3. Digital curation of vintage erotic art.

In my experience (an experience shared by the many readers of ErosBlog) Bacchus is a great documenter, and those of you who follow my own blogs have seen some of the intricately detailed attributions he has worked out for images that I thought were completely orphaned, both here and over at Infernal Wonders. I have always been delighted to be able to feature this work. All this art and writing, everything from hard-boiled pulp and sci-fi art to squicky fetish porn matters. It’s not trash, and it’s not just fap material. It’s culture, part (and not a small part) of the invaluable record of the psychic life of humanity.

Precisely because it is so likely to be dismissed as trash or ephemera, this part of humanity’s cultural wealth is particularly vulnerable to loss. Much of the early output of cinema is lost, because at its outset were not thought not a “serious” art form and so its fast-decaying film stock was not thought worthy of preservation until it was too late. I have many old pulp magazines that I handle only with trepidation, because as “trash” they were printed on cheap, acidic paper, leaving them now fragile yellowing husks of their former two-fisted selves. The very first television series starring an Asian-American woman (the incomparable Anna May Wong, at that), as well as the first to star an African-American woman (the also incomparable Hazel Scott) were lost because hey, it was only television, the were only women of color, and their shows were only on the Dumont Network.

The vintage adult material that Bacchus seeks to catalog and preserve faces its own threats. Not from decaying celluose nitrate film stock or acidic paper; in theory bits are forever. In practice sites are taken down in pornocalypses, censors go to work, search engines hide or fail to properly index “porn,” and people on social networks, whether out of laziness or contempt for creators, reblog images and other material without proper attribution to their sources. The work of people like Bacchus to repair this damage is an act of maintaining cultural memory.

And it’s something I think is worth supporting, and have supported, by contributing at Bacchus’s Patreon. You should to. You’ll be doing your part to keep humanity’s great and weird erotic heritage alive and available for the future.

Non-tumblr favorite: The common short-tailed boombox catgirl


This image was researched by Bacchus at ErosBlog as part of the “Δ commission.” The research was originally published at Hedonix as “.” Here is what Bacchus found.

This artwork is by Garuku on Pixiv, and may be seen on Pixiv in a 2539×2360 pixel size where the “2013 11.5 Garuku” signature is clearly visible. The title is ウサミミヘッドスピーカー which Google’s machine translation only partly manages to cope with, rendering it as “Usamimi head speaker”.

Danbooru has an artist page for Garuku listing an extraordinary number of social media and web presence locations, including a “home page” mostly in Japanese here.

Tumblr favorite #1906: Say hello to Blinky!


My original tumblr post was here. This image was researched by Bacchus at ErosBlog as part of the “Δ commission.” The research was originally published at Hedonix as “Δ 077 – Say Hello To Blinky!.” Here is what Bacchus found.

The earliest post in this animation’s tumblr chain of attribution contains the tags “#Shizuku #Hunter x Hunter #HunterxHunter #HxH #gif”. The reference is to Hunter X Hunter, a Japanese manga series adapted into an anime television show. The girl in this animation is the character Shizuku, who has the power to summon a magical vacuum cleaner named Blinky who can suck up anything that is not alive or itself conjured. There are some screen caps of Shizuku and Blinky here, including this one:


Tumblr favorite #1904: Female for sale


My original tumblr post was here. This image was researched by Bacchus at ErosBlog as part of the “Δ commission.” The research was originally published at Infernal Wonders as “Δ 075 – Female Specimen For Auction.” Here is what Bacchus found.

Two somewhat dubious sites identify this artwork as the product of the erotic artist known only as Rebecca, who is perhaps most famous for her Housewives at Play series of erotic comics as seen on her official website. The first dubious site, not linked here, included a thumbnail of the artwork in a summary of what it claimed was a “full repack” of Rebecca’s work, offered as a now-defunct 1.63 gigabyte download. More persuasively, the unsigned artwork appears in a small gallery here named “[Rebecca] Fine Art Gallery 04” and containing more than a dozen works with a science fiction theme. Some (like this one) are more obviously in Rebecca’s visually distinctive style, and none display the signature most commonly seen on her work. For interest, here is another artwork from the gallery featuring earth girls captured by aliens:


Rebecca writes of her artistic inspiration:

I think it first started for me when my kids were small. I would take them (one toddling, the other in stroller) down to the playground in the section where we lived at the time for sun, air, and playtime. The 3 year old would busy herself in the sandbox while the baby and I sat and watched the world go by.

That world of course, was filled with what I now like to refer to as “hot mom’s”. You’ve seen them. Pretty young girls ranging in age from 20’s to 40’s with diaper bag and stroller in tow, having absolutely no idea (or do they?) how sexy and desireable they look. They wear shorts and baggy pull overs, and every time they bend or stoop to check the baby an opportunity is given to peek down her blouse (at full, swollen breasts) or at the curve of her hips and ass. Their hair is perfumed, silky, and the latest magazine style which compliments perfectly her wardrobe from JCPenney.

Ahem. Well then. Let’s face it though, God definately knew what He was doing when he made women. Any woman who won’t admit she admires (or is jealous of) how pretty her neighbor/teacher/sister/hairdresser/etc is is just not being honest. I love girls, and I love drawing them. I love depicting them in all sorts of ways that (most likely) would never happen, except in my neighborhood (the one in my mind). I can (and do) have a sex fantasy everywhere from the grocery store, bank, walking in the park, or the fitting room in Kohl’s. I spend most of my days horny and wet. If my children only knew what their mom does at home all day…

Tumblr favorite #1903: Follow her down


My original tumblr post here. This image was researched by Bacchus at ErosBlog as part of the “Δ commission.” The research was originally published at Hedonix as “Δ 074 – Follow Her Down.” Here is what Bacchus found.

This animation consists of frames from a 2010 music video for the song Follow Me Down by British “musical outfit” Unkle. The video is available on YouTube and the animation comes from the portion that begins at approximately 1m:40sec into the video:

According to this website the video was directed by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jone and features model Liberty Ross. The video is also available on the Unkle website.