Volume 08, Number 05

Volume 8, Number 5

In spite of all the awful things she has seen in Helga Kupler’s realm, Taylor Chase forges forward in her pursuit of leads into the disappearance of Marie Martin. Undeterred by either existential despair or depraved eroticism she finds a trail that might lead her to the vanished Bridget O’Brian, but will this trail lead her to her goal, or will it mark the end of the road for Taylor. Find out in this hair-raising chapter of Gnosis Transformations.

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Taylor proceeds boldly into what looks like hell.

Page One

Taylor and Donna jointly service a  Nembutal addict.

Page Two

The client is out cold, his documents unprotected.

Page Three

You can't buy a tablet computer this cool.

Page Four

Texan man enjoys a nice thick juicy steak.

Page Five

The Texan concludes a successful deal with Giant Horrible Corporation.

Page Six

Comely Japanese girl stripped naked, sealed in tube.

Page Seven

The power is applied, and Miss Kobayashi likes that.

Page Eight

Tube girl electro-zap to massive orgasm.

Page Nine

Mad science girl liquified by the power of her own orgasm.

Page Ten

It's a high school yearbook of liquified girls.

Page Eleven

Taylor and Donna disagree on the horribleness of girl-liquification.

Page Twelve

Hephaestus crucifies Prometheus, creates Pandora.

Page Thirteen

Pandora opens her box, and evil is loosed upon the world.

Page Fourteen

Hope is the last evil in the box.

Page Fifteen

Hope encourages Sisyphus.

Page Sixteen

Donna reckons on a speedy dissolution.

Page Seventeen

Taylor stays awake in the harem, ponders, reports.

Page Eighteen

Bridget O'Brian in full oriental dance costume.

Page Nineteen

Taylor slips everyone a mickey then slips away.

Page Twenty

Taylor steals about a truly infernal pleasure palace.

Page Twenty-One

Taylor finds a very pregnant Bridget.

Page Twenty-Two

Bridget does not like Taylor and her meddling.

Page Twenty-Three

Taylor bound and violated.

Page Twenty-Four

Taylor is about to be tortured,but is killed by an outside agency.

Page Twenty-Five

Taylor has turned the key on himself.

Page Twenty-Six

Taylor has found out something shocking about Marie.

Page Twenty-Seven

Taylor to depart back to the United States.

Page Twenty-Eight

Taylor flies back to Gnosis, aided by drink.

Page Twenty-Nine

Taylor drinks the memory of Marie.


Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Five, Pin-up

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  1. A very interesting and ingenuous chapter. I especially enjoyed the distilling the essence of a woman into a liquid. Bet it was tasty. Thanks and best wishes. lens

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