Volume 01, Number 02

Volume 1, Number 2

TheTales of Gnosis College continue, with Ashley Madder raising Moira’s suspicions about what Nanetta and Professor Corwin were really up to so late the night before.

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Cover for Chapter Two of Apsinthion Protocol Erotic Comic

Page One

Coeds Moira and Ashley have breakfast at Gnosis

Page Two

Splash panel for Chapter Two, showing the Gnosis College Library

Page Three

Moira researchs strange Professor Corwin

Page Four

Page Five

Moira confronts Corwin about his strange activities/

Page Six

Moira Weir produces a mysterious book from Professor Corwin's ancestor.

Page Seven

Moira imagines what tentacular eros must lie in benthic depths.

Page Eight

Page Nine

Moira peers into Professor Corwin's giant aquarium.

Page Ten

Moira gets swimsuited up (fanservice!) in preparation for meeting Howard.

Page Eleven

Moira encounters tentacle beast Howard for the first time.

Page Twelve

Moira's encounter with the tentacle beast continues.

Page Thirteen

Moira gets her toe sucked by a mouth-tentacle. Naughty Howard!

Page Fourteen

Page Fifteen

Howard makes rapid progress with Moira.

Page Sixteen

Howard gets to suck Moira's pretty nipples, which Moira sure likes.

Page Seventeen

Howard manages to get Moira's swimsuit off entirely.

Page Eighteen

Moira looks to go all the way many ways with Howard.

Page Nineteen

Moira show how to imitate St. Theresa through double tentacle penetration.

Page Twenty

Moira and Howard's amazing encounter continues underwater.

Page Twenty-One

Anwei and Moira watch video of Moira's tentacle sex encounter.

Page Twenty-Two

Page Twenty-Three

Moira and Nanetta meet each other at breakfast, and things get serious.

Page Twenty-Four


Swimsuit pinup of Moira Weir

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2 thoughts on “Volume 01, Number 02

    • She hasn’t been written out, as she re-appears in Volume III, and there’s always a possibility (hinted at in Volume VII) of her eventually re-appearing in the narrative future. (Also, there’s always a possibility of her re-appearing again in flashback episodes.)

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