Volume 04, Number 03

Volume 4, Number 3

The sinister Dr. Strangeways kicks the mad science into high gear as he experiments on hapless victims with various fiendish devices, taking into his hands extraordinary powers of life and death. But unbeknownst to Strangeways, Maureen lurks in the shadows of the State Home for Wayward Girls’s many dark corners, using her own mad-science abilities to discover his own plans. A terrible confrontation is brewing in this chapter of Invisible Girl, Heroine.

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Vanessa and a prisoner have sex in deep space.

Page One

The prisoner ul-Haq is led into a State Home basement in chains.

Page Two

Vanessa is brought down to a strange setup in the basement

Page Three

Vanessa is introduced to Ulrich, who asks for help against terrorism.

Page Four

Agent Ulrich encourages Vanessa to serve in a "honeytrap" role.

Page Five

Strangeays inserts an electronic "bug" in Vanessa's ear.

Page Six

Vanessa gets into the chamber with ul-Haq.

Page Seven

Strangeways and Ulrich discuss while Vanessa seduces ul-Haq

Page Eight

Color page of Vanessa fucking ul-Haq in the "reverse cowgirl" position.

Page Nine

Vanessa gets teleported somewhere while fuckng.

Page Ten

Maureen teaches a bunch of students at the State Home

Page Eleven

Maureen stabs her finger, smears blood on a wineglass.

Page Twelve

Maureen traces the blood on the glass with luminol, impressing her students.

Page Thirteen

Maureen discovers Colleen being forcibly restrained in the hallway.

Page Fourteen

Maureen uses luminol to follow Colleen's blood trail.

Page Fifteen

Colleen is strapped to a chair naked in the testing chamber.

Page Sixteen

Strangeways insets a quantum resonator in Colleen's ear.

Page Seventeen

Strangeways and Ridgeway exit the chamber, racing the clock.

Page Eighteen

Colleen is vibrated while Strangeways and Ridgeway look through portholes.

Page Nineteen

Colleen is cut in half as she orgasms but only half of her is teleported.

Page Twenty

Maureen retches in the corner while Strangeways runs to his appointment.

Page Twenty-One

Strangeways goes through a security door, closely followed by Maureen.

Page Twenty-Two

Strangeways meets with Ulrich and the Director in a basement lab.

Page Twenty-Three

Jill Keeney shown in a dossier prior to another mad-science experiment.

Page Twenty-Four

The process of making a new Jill Keeney takes off, to the astonishment of Ulrich.

Page Twenty=Five

In Strangeways's reconstitution tube, the copying of Jill Keeney is almost complete.

Page Twenty-Six

A naked copy of Jill, "Jill-Prime," emerges from Strangeways's tank.

Page Twenty-Seven

Jill-Prime emerges from her tank, tries to find out what is happening to her.

Page Twenty-Eight

Page Twenty-Nine

Jill-Prime is gilded in Strangeways strange machine.


Vanessa from the Tales crosses with the Little Green Bastards.

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