Volume 10, Number 01

Volume 10, Number 1, “Trial by Curiosity”

Note: This story was guest-written by Shon Richards (@ShonRichards). Delta Psi is not like other sororities, being devoted more to science and scholarship than to socializing. This year four brilliant students, coding prodigy Emily, engineer Alyssa, aspiring physicist and precocious erotica writer Jay, and socially-conscious chemist Brianna will all seek to join. But before they can consecrate the bonds of scholarly sisterhood with the other Delta Psis, they must make it through the initiation — a night in a run-down house on the wrong side of the tracks with a dark and strange reputation. Will any of them make it through? Find out in this all-new guest story!

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Some is monitoring this sexy, perilous situation!

Page One

Delta Psi is no ordinary sorority house.

Page Two

A ramshackle house on the wrong side of the tracks.

Page Three

Four remarkable candidates.

Page Four

Entry into a spooky old house.

Page Five

What lurks inside this haunted mad-science house?

Page Six

The scary sex paraphernalia has been used.

Page Seven

Trust me, Delta Psi does some weird shit.

Page Eight

Is this Satanic?  Or one of those Wicca things?

Page Nine

Well, it is definitely pussy.

Page Ten

It looks like Eva Mason...

Page Eleven

A room filled with handcuffs of various sizes.

Page Twelve

Hey!  I'm locked in here!

Page Thirteen

A wall of mannequin hands feels to me like something Thomas Ligotti might have thought up.

Page Fourteen

Jay Ortiz can figure out which part goes where.

Page Fifteen

It's easy --  just suck and click!

Page Sixteen

You have been dropped from the Potential Program.

Page Seventeen

Jay Ortiz stomps the flying sex robot.

Page Eighteen

Jay Ortiz reprises Magnus, robot fighter.

Page Nineteen

Run away from the scary flying sex robots, Jay!

Page Twenty

Oh shit!  Now those sinister flying sex robots are after me!

Page Twenty-One

Okay, let's do this.

Page Twenty-Two

Robot ravishment...in color!

Page Twenty-Three

Robot penetrative action

Page Twenty-Four

Ecstasy robot sex.

Page Twenty-Five

Hot robot bondage sex

Page Twenty-Six

Robot climax!

Page Twenty-Seven

Comes the morning after.

Page Twenty-Eight

Wakey, wakey, initiates.

Page Twenty-Nine

Are you ready to take the written exam?


That written exam sure is rigorous.

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