Volume 05, Number 03

Volume 5, Number 3

Things begin to get dangerous for our student heroes Colonel Madder’s conspiracy rolls forward, which has something awful planned for both poor Bridget O’Brian and Jill Keeney. But the re-appearance of Jill’s duplicate Jill-Prime on campus makes the situation dangerously unstable. Meanwhile, Madder’s henchman John Samson’s participation in Professor Waite’s dream-inception experiments shows something of his true, and very dark, character.

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A group of Tales of Gnosis College villains burn Michiko at the stake.

Page One

Bridget O'Brian visits a little girls' room in the Gnosis College library.

Page Two

Bridget dries her hands, suction begins.

Page Three

Bridget is being sucked backwards by some sort of wind.

Page Four

Bridget stripped of clothing by the wind sucking her from the room.

Page Five

Bridget is sucked backwards into the vent.

Page Six

Bridget is sucked through a tube into a waiting van.

Page Seven

Samson goes to confer with his boss.

Page Eight

Samson continues getting his instruction about assassination.

Page Nine

Rob is surprsied in the shower by Jill-Prime.

Page Ten

Rob and Jill-Prime have plain, simple sex.

Page Eleven

A naked cuties curls up around Thomas Hobbes in service of a quotation.

Page Twelve

Jill-Prime requests the loan of a key to "her own" room from Rob.

Page Thirtheen

Jill-Prime has nostalgia for another woman's life.

Page Fourteen

Jill-Prime the ambusher becomes Jill-Prime the ambushed.

Page Fifteen

Jill-Prime in naked  suspension--from her wrists.

Page Sixteen

John Samson shows off his erection to torment Jill-Prime.

Page Seventeen

John taunts Jill-Prime with a black dildo, a syringe, and a knife.

Page Eighteen

Naked Jill-Prime is hanged until dead by John Samson.

Page Nineteen

Samson visits Dr. Waite to participate in a dream study.

Page Twenty

Michiko's cleavage test doesn't work so well on Samson.

Page Twenty-One

Willie decides to "wear" lovely naked Michiko.

Page Twenty-Two

Samson's dreams are a dark, horrifiic wood.

Page Twenty-Three

Willie/Michiko is run down by a dark knight in the dark wood.

Page Twenty-Four

Naked Michiko in the dark dream put on the rack and tortured.

Page Twenty-Five

Willie/Michiko is burned at the stake.

Page Twenty-Six

Pestilence and death spread over a dream Gnosis College.

Page Twenty-Seven

Willie returns to reality, is comforted by naked Michiko.

Page Twenty-Eight

Jill and Maureen come home one evening to -- horror!

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