Volume 05, Number 06

Volume 5, Number 6

In this exciting final chapter of Gnosis Dreamscapes, Aloysius Kim and his friends race against time to try to stop the plague Lt. Samson was sent to Gnosis College to spread and save the lives of his first four infection victims. Naturally enough, their methods in doing so will involve improvising upon recently-created techniques of erotic mad science. Meanwhile, Colonel Madder invokes the aid of some violent foreigners in an attempt to save his henchmen, and someone among our heroes will pay a fearful price.

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Poor Marcia is being symbolically fed to Moloch.

Page One

Aloysius has a clever plan that involves injections.

Page Two

Aloysius plays Humphrey Bogart in his mind.

Page Three

Aloysius and Maureen do old spy stuff.

Page Four

The frosh women encounter an apparent old hygiene film.

Page Five

The girls settle into to watch the fake "hygiene film."

Page Six

Introducing Professor Quincy Wagstaff, expert in poor hygiene.

Page Seven

Wagstaff discourses on the wonders of science (actually technology).

Page Eight

The Lav-o-matic X5000.

Page Nine

Marcia is fed into the Lav-o-matic X5000

Page Ten

The Lav-o-matic X5000 goes to work on Marcia.

Page Eleven

Marcia is held and washed by a tentacular mashine.

Page Twelve

Marcia penetrated by a vibrating mechanical tentacle-thingy.

Page Thirteen

Our lovely coeds drift off to erotic dreamland.

Page Fourteen

Pamela dreams herself in the Lav-o-matic X5000

Page Fifteen

Olive dreams of being buffed like a car in a carwash.

Page Sixteen

Noreen dreams of tube-girl sex.

Page Seventeen

Marie dreams serious bondage and throat-fucking by the machine.

Page Eighteen

Aloysius wields a scary needle and syringe.

Page Nineteen

Colonel Madder contemplates the disappearance of Lr. Samson.

Page Twenty

Our heroes contemplate the fact that Lt. Samson won't wake up.

Page Twenty-One

Aloysius stopped the movie.  Why?

Page Twenty-Two

Marcia turned into canned food by the Lav-o-Matic X5000.

Page Twenty-Three

Aloysius and Maureen lean toward each other, as if about to kiss.

Page Twenty-Four

Armed agents burst in our our heroes.

Page Twenty-Five

Jill Keeney, held at gunpoint, looks like she's about to snap.

Page Twenty-Six

Jill snaps, and attempts to go after the armed agents with a chair.

Page Twenty-Seven

The agents gun down Jill and Maureen.

Page Twenty-Eight

The agents melt under the influence of the Apsinthion Protocol.

Page Twenty-Nine

Aloysius tries to improvise a plan as Maureen and Jill are both critically wounded.

Page Thirty

Mortally wounded Maureen is dissolved.

Page Thirty-One

John Samson will now dream forever.

Page Thirty-Two

Marie shows herself to be very patriotic.

Page Thirty-Three

Aloysius mixes the liquid remains of Maureen and Jill.

Page Thirty-Four

Someone is reconstituted from Maureen and Jill, but who?

Page Thirty-Five

A beautiful naked just-made woman emerges and names herself.


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