Volume 10, Number 04

Volume 10, Number 4: “Blonde Justice”

Note: This story was guest-written by Molly Whipple. Precocious cheerleader Pennywhistle West agrees to become a test subject for the secret research of a visiting Professor of Genetics. Eager to become Pleasant Prairie’s version of a superhero like those in comics she reads Penny does a poor job of keeping her enhanced capabilities under wraps. She even tells her football-playing boyfriend, Woody, about the formula she’s taking, seemingly unaware of the inherent danger despite a run-in with a villainous mutant. FBI Agents Ong and Smith are on the case. But will they be in time to prevent tragedy at Gnosis College? Or can only a would-be superheroine do that?

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Time for cheerleader heroics at Gnosis College

Page One

Whatever your heroics, the FBI is watching.

Page Two

Fun and frolics during football season.

Page Three

This is science, people!

Page Four

Time for Penny West to do her bit for science.

Page Five

Penny West giggles over oxymorons.

Page Six

Penny and Woody do creative sex to each other.

Page Seven

Creative sex is the best sex.

Page Eight

Penny is ready to do what needs to be done FOR SCIENCE!

Page Nine

A mysterious visitor comes to class.

Page Ten

Penny versus blasphemous fish-frog thing.

Page Eleven

The triumph of sheer vocal power

Page Twelve

Bee-girl Penny is getting stronger every day.

Page Thirteen

Let your conscience be your guide.

Page Fourteen

Ol' stoic Woody

Page Fifteen

Like one of the Innmouth internees.

Page Sixteen

Your tax dollars at work, citizen.

Page Seventeen

Cheerleader foils bank robbery.

Page Eighteen

Shush, Michiko

Page Nineteen

Penny shoes out the FBI.

Page Twenty

Penny West, comics reader.

Page Twenty-One

Gnosis beats Logos.

Page Twenty-Two

Time for hot post-game sex.

Page Twenty-Three

Sex so hot it makes the world light up in color.

Page Twenty-Four

Kids, stay away from performance-enhancing drugs.

Page Twenty-Five

It's no fun when the military shows up and starts bossing people around.

Page Twenty-Six

Clean up your mess, Padhye, or I will.

Page Twenty-Seven

Penny confronts a legion of tube-girls of herself.

Page Twenty-Eight

All I ever wanted to be was a superheroine.


Penny West and her fabulous pom-poms.

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