Bait now has a really permanent home

I am pleased to announce that my (very) graphic novella Bait has a permanent Internet Archive home:

Here is the link to the archive page, where you can download the whole graphic novel and all of its pendant art in either CBZ (a comic book archive format similar to ZIP) or as a single big PDF document. You can also read the comic in a nifty screen reader the archive provides (also embedded in small size above). The archive has also auto-converted my uploads into a variety of other formats. The completeness or reliability of these versions is a bit uncertain, but I would welcome reports from anyone who wants to look at them.

At 113 pages and with no fewer than five contributing artists, the assembly and uploading of this version of the comic was an unusual challenge, and it pleases me no end that this particular phase of the Bait project is now complete!

The mechanics of tentacles

This image would be pretty obviously the work of Shirow Masamune (b. 1961) by style even if there weren’t attribution within the image itself. It is reblogged from a 16 January 2014 post at Infernal Wonders, and its origins on the Internet appear to go back to the now-defunct tumblr Random Forever Random, some of which is preserved in the Internet Archive.

Masamune has an official website here.

Navy nurse abducted

Navy nurse abducted and tentacle-penetrated

A second pendant piece of art by Suzarte, this one “Navy Nurse Abducted.”

Suzarte has an online presence at Portfoliobox and you can (as I do) also support him on Patreon.

Creative Commons License
The illustration above is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please keep in mind that any moral rights the artist has remain intact under this license.

A Most Stimulating Catch

When maritime creatures cooperate, the catch of the day becomes the tentacle-sex orgy of the week:


The artwork is by Knucklecurve (ナックルカーブon Pixiv) and it may be seen on Pixiv. (Pixiv’s age-verification login required.) An additional gallery of work by Knucklecurve may be found on Danbooru; a slightly larger one is available on Sankaku Complex.

This image is a reblog from a 2 January 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. Its original source is the tumblr It’s Game Over For These Girls. Poor girls!